Testimonials from StuSpots.com Members and users. Thank you for joining us and taking the time give us essential Feedback to make us Better!

“I Love this Site. Finally a site that is dedicated to Students and Teachers for Trips. Amazing how everything is so well structured where it is not too much information and as much as want to view. I just love this site! Thank you and I am definitely looking forward to see more!”

Kathy S. 

Proud 5th Grade School Teacher

Hi StuSpots,

I just wanted say what an incredible site this is. I love the Spot Map. I am a Trip Planner for Private school in NYC and it is really difficult researching each site and going over all their programs. Each Page is chock full of information for each venue which I love. I can research everything that I need right from this site. I can see comments and feedback as well as share my experiences with others on the trip that I took my students. This site was a treasure piece of a find let me tell you. I happened to plan my itinerary for the 2012 -2013 year with ease. I love the way the site highlights all the different programs by age group! Very helpful. Thank you!

Cathy T. 

School trip Coordinator and Planner (NYC)

“I must say that I have never seen a site so resourceful when it comes to planning trips for youths. This site is definitely a God send for anyone that is looking for ideas on where to go. As a camp director believe me it is a hassle finding new and exciting things available for large Groups. Navigating from site to site, seeing what programs they offer, is a real hassle on our part. StuSpots.com, you guys have really cut my trip planning time by more then half. Everything is so detailed based on each market. I just love the Spots Map. It highlights essentially everything that is close by to us and makes planning trips relatively easy. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more things on your site for ideas for my campers. Thank you very much.”

John H.

Camp Director (NY)

This is first time I actually written a site a letter and I must say that it is all credit due to StuSpots.com. I am a principal of New Jersey High School. We get completely flooded with mailers every year on ideas on where to plan School Trips for our Students. Unfortunately, recieving mailers is not always the best way of getting our attention. As a school principal, it is important that we provide not just a fun enviroment for our children but an educational one. I just wanted to Thank you personally on creating a site that is so informative and user friendly. We are definitely looking forward to seeing you guys grow and adding businesses that are School group friendly. I am definitely recommending this site to all teachers and staff!

Marcus P.  

School Principal (NJ)

Wow! I love this site. As a teacher in Connecticut, I usually begin my trip planning right before the School year is about to begin. I was recommended this site by colleague and I am really impressed of the detail and break down of information. I just love the Spots Map! The best part of this site is that not only can I plan trips for my Students, but as a mom. I love the calendar and how it highlights all the great things in happening everywhere. From the bottom of my heart thank you creating such a resourceful site not just for Teachers but parents also!

Jane F.

School Teacher and Proud Parent (CT)

I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for having a site that caters not only to Parents but to Teachers. There is just so much out there and children today are always looking for newer and interesting things to do and visit. I as parent and a teacher can say it is sometimes difficult to do all the research to find something that is educational and recreational. StuSpots.com is the perfect site. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nearby attractions on each page. I can create a whole day trip directly from the site with directions!

So, again, I say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! so much for having a site like this for all of us!  We LOVE StuSpots.com!!

Shirley M.

Middle School Teacher and also a Proud Parent

As a School Trip planner and Summer Camp Director, choosing the right medium for trip planning can be difficult as there is a lot out there some old some new but I found your site as a recommendation from a colleague through my Facebook. As I looked at what Stuspots provides I am so impressed with all the detail and structure of this site. The site is versatile and unique.  I love the fact this site not just a reference for Trip ideas but also a community where I can see feedback by other teachers or camp directors. Thank you so much for creating a site like this for people like me! It makes my planning life so much easier!

Madea T.

School Teacher and Summer Camp Director

It is so good to see a site that actually highlights programs for Schools, Parents and multiple age groups. I was referred to this site by my sister whom forwarded me a link to Hawk Mountain. As a mother of 2 children, we are always looking for different ways to educate my children as well as take a trip on the weekend that is fun. I am just blown away with how much information there is for each attraction. As a parent looking for a unique place for Birthday parties is hassle also. I had no idea that so many locations and museums offered birthday parties. Thank you StuSpots.com. You have really opened my eyes and have a solid follower looking to you guys for ideas on Trips as well as recommended apps for me and my children.

Natalie P. 

Proud Mother of 2

I was actually e-mailed a link from your site by a fellow Teacher that recommended a app on this site and I am just blown away. I have never seen a site so dedicated to not just to educators but to Students. I am currently a middle school teacher and there have been budget cuts and unfortunately, Class Trips are not a priority for our school. However, I do always advise and encourage  my students of different programming that is available so that they are able to experience educational programming that is available to them outside the classroom. I found this site to be so informative with information on programming to outreach programs, Specific programs for students and parents. I am just totally in love with this site. Thank you so much and I am definitely recommending this site to my other colleges as well as friends.

Matthew D. 

Middle School Teacher