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4908 Auburn Avenue, Bethesda, MD, United States

Imagination Stage in Bethesda, Maryland is a children’s theater company offering year-round productions of modern and classic plays. The organization also offers classes in drama, acting, dance musical theatre, and filmmaking for children of all ages. Summer theatre camps give campers the opportunity to take part in a full production of a musical or play.

Imagination Stage is the largest and most respected multi-disciplinary theatre arts organization for young people in the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer a year-round season of professional shows (adult actors performing for families and classes), after-school programs and summer camps for ages 1-18, and arts-integration professional development training for teachers, students, schools, and families. All of our programs are informed by our core belief in making the arts inclusive and accessible to all children, regardless of their physical, cognitive, or financial status.

‘Rapunzel’ at Imagination Stage

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Field Trips


Enhance classroom learning with field trips to Imagination Stage. Seeing live theatre encourages students to read, develop critical and creative thinking and be curious about the world around them. Bring your class to a show in our beautiful theatre to enhance and support your curriculum.

Elementary Field Trips

LuluBrontosaurus F

LyleCrocodile F

Rumpelstiltskin F CinderellaRemix BFG F
Lulu and the Brontosaurus Sept. 25–Oct. 27Dates and details  Study Guide  Lyle the Crocodile Nov. 20–Jan. 10Dates and details   Study Guide 
Rumpelstiltskin Feb. 5–March 16
Dates and details 
Cinderella: the Remix April 9–May 25 Dates and details  The BFG June 25–Aug. 10 Dates and details 

Early Childhood Field Trips

FromHeretoThereFrom Here to There Oct. 25–Nov. 24 (Ages 2-5) Dates and details   aquariumAquarium Dec. 17–Jan. 26 (Ages 1-5) Dates and details   inside out 300Inside Out March 1–April 6 (Ages 1-5) Dates and details  mouse_onthe_moveMouse on the Move June 28–Aug. 10 Weekends only. (Ages 1-5)

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Choose a show, along with three available dates. Then submit the Online Field Trip Request Form.

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Additional Information

Current Theatre Season

New SeasonFY14

2013–2014 Theatre Season

Subscribe with a discount Play Pack or Flex Pack to get the best seats and prices! More information on subscription options is available online or by calling 301-280-1660.


Rumpelstiltskin F


February 5–March 16, 2014

By Mike Kenny; Directed by Janet Stanford.

“This is a story that’s old as old, of how a girl turned straw into gold.” When a poor miller brags that his daughter has a talent for spinning straw into gold, a greedy and zany king commands her to make gold for his coffers. Unable to perform this feat, the miller’s daughter enlists the help of a rotten riddling fairy named Rumpelstiltskin…but his price for helping is high. Will she be able to solve Rumpelstiltskin’s mystery in time to save her family? Best for Ages 5-10.



Cinderella: the Remix

April 9–May 25, 2014

By Psalmayene 24; Hip-Hop Beats by Nick Hernandez; Directed by Psalmayene 24.

Cinderella lives in the basement of her Step Mama’s house, mixing beats and dreaming of being a DJ. But in Hip-Hop Hollywood, girls are not allowed to DJ and “frontin’” is a crime. When the super-famous J-Prince announces auditions for his “Jam,” Cinderella disguises herself as a boy to get the gig. With some help from her Fairy Godmother Hope-rah, Cinderella DJs the Jam (at least until midnight)! Will she ever be allowed to spin as her true self? Or will Cinderella be convicted of frontin’ and sentenced to solitary confinement with only the music of Kenny G for company? Best for Ages 5-10.




June 25–August 10, 2014

Based on the book by Roald Dahl; Adapted by David Wood; Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer.

Little orphan Sophie can’t sleep. When she peeks out the window, she is surprised to see a giant. He’s surprised to see her too and whisks Sophie away to his home in Giant Country. But this is no ordinary giant; Sophie’s giant is the world’s ONLY friendly giant. He operates in the strictest of secrecy to bring good dreams to the human world. Other giants steal and have a nasty habit of eating children! To save the children of England, Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant (BFG) embark on a magical journey to Buckingham Palace. Best for Ages 4-10.


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