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211 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC, United States

EdVenture is the largest children’s museum in the Southeastr, located in Columbia, South Carolina. EdVenture opened to the public in 2003. It has 8 galleries covering 67,000 square feet, plus hands-on exhibits, 2 resource centers, and a 200-seat theater. 40,000 square feet of the total 67,000 square feet is devoted to exhibit galleries, laboratories and visitor amenities. An additional 7,000 square feet of outdoor gallery space is located just outside the museum’s front door. Within the total 74,000 square feet there are approximately 350 individual hands-on exhibits. There is also a statue of ‘Eddie’ on the first floor of the museum which children can climb into and learn about the insides of people. It is located at 211 Gervais Street in midtown Columbia, next to the South Carolina State Museum.

Edventure Exhibits

For every child who visits EdVenture, seeing will be believing and doing will mean remembering. All exhibits at EdVenture are hands-on and experiential. Click on the link above to view all exhibits available for view. 

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Make your next field trip exciting and educational! Our curriculum-based “EdVentures” are designed to meet standards in science, math, social studies, language arts and health. Our programs place a strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking to complement your classroom instruction.



  • Field studies last 120 minutes including a 45 minute program filled with age-appropriate, SC Educational Standards-based activities led by an EdVenture educator. The remaining 75 minutes of the visit are devoted to museum exploration.
  • Field studies can be scheduled for Tuesday through Friday.
  • The minimum number of participants is 15. Students may be divided into groups in order to ensure a successful program.
  • One adult is required for every seven children.
  • During your visit, feel free to stop by EdCetera®, the EdVenture store.


  • Fun and educational: students will enjoy 120 minutes of stimulating, hands-on programming — EdVenture style!
  • Standards-based instruction: all exhibits visited are designed on standards-based curriculum. For specific SC Educational Standards in each of our group programs, please view our list of programs.


  • Student admission fee is $8.50 per child for program or $6.50 per child for self-led exploration.
  • One chaperone per every seven children is required. Chaperones pay $5.00 per person.
  • Teachers are welcome free with their group.
  • You may opt for an extended stay (60 additional minutes) for an extra $1.50 per person.


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EdVenture can come to your school or group meeting with a variety of hands-on educational experiences. We have a dedicated staff of educators who are completely “in the know” when it comes to making learning more fun and engaging for students.


EdVenture at Your School

Don’t have the time or budget for travel but still want your students to have the EdVenture Experience? That’s not a problem. We’ll bring EdVenture to you! We’ve taken our best field studies and made them mobile so students everywhere can experience learning through active, hands-on participation. These in-school Field Studies will entertain and educate students without taking an entire day from your teaching schedule.

 EdVenture-To-Go Classroom Field Studies

EdVenture Classroom Field Studies include a 45-minute program with age-appropriate, standards-based activities led by an EdVenture Educator.

  • Each program accommodates up to 25 students.
  • The cost is $6 per student for each 45-minute program, plus mileage outside of the Midlands.
  • There is a minimum program fee of $150 per program on the same day. In that case, the cost will only be $100 per additional program.

EdVenture-To-Go Assembly Field Studies

  • Each program accommodates up to 150 people.
  • The cost is $2 per student for each 45-minute program.
  • There is a minimum program fee of $200.

Wells Fargo’s Distance Learning

  • Your site must have a videoconferencing system with H.323 capabilities and an external (public) IP address.
  • The program accommodates up to 25 students per class.
  • The program requires a three-week advanced booking.
  • There is a minimum program fee of $150 based on materials and shipping costs. Contact 803-400-1151 or visit http://www.edventure.org for details.

Note: All K–5th grade EdVenture programs are aligned with South Carolina’s state-adopted standards.

Distance Learning

EdVenture offers several distance learning opportunities to meet the needs of students and teachers when traveling is not an option. Distance Learning provides a fun EdVenture program without the bus trip!

Learn more


Additional Information

Let EdVenture help you inspire imagination, discovery and learning in your classroom! Our curriculum-based field trips and in-school programs for grades PreK-5 complement your classroom instruction. We use hands-on methods and inquiry during our standards-based programs to make learning fun!

School and Groups Field Studies Guides

As one of South Carolina’s most innovative educational resources for children and youth, we are committed to playing a major role in empowering students to make their futures bright and filled with opportunity. Together, we can inspire the joy of learning, the wonder of dreams, and the powerful possibilities that lie within our children.

EdVenture offers a variety of programs focused on enhancing school curriculum. From field experiences to educator professional development programs, we have what you need to add an exciting twist to your classroom activities. Many of our programs have been designed based on the maker education movement which promotes more opportunities for young people to build confidence, foster creativity, and spark interest in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the arts – and learning as a whole.

Whether you visit our museum or we bring our exceptional programming to your school, EdVenture wants to help you meet the educational needs of your students while sparking their imagination and sense of discovery. We invite you to explore these guides and consider adding the EdVenture Experience to your curriculum this year.

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Admisson and Location Hours

Hours & Admission

Mon. – Sat.: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunday: Noon – 5 p.m.

Children and Adults: $11.50

Seniors: (age 62+) $10.50

Military: (with ID) $10.50

Groups: (15+ w/reservation) $8.50

Members: Free

Children under one: Free

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