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World Atlas App for the Iphone 

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Here is a wonderful App developed by none other then National Geographic. The World Atlas Map App for the Iphone. This is perfect companion for Students, Teachers, Parents and Travelers. Have access to all the maps and countries in the world including their capitals, flags, Geographic data and so much more. Any anthropology major would love to have an app like this at it is access of a world of information right from your phone. Now, imagine carrying a whole Atlas book on your travels. Something others have done in the past, now have the world in the palm of your hand. The cost is .99 but the usefulness of this App greatly outweigh the costs.


Designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, National Geographic’s new and improved World Atlas puts our best maps in the palm of your hand.

:: What Others are Saying ::

“Sure, most smart phones will let you see maps of where you are and where you are going. But what if you want to also study maps of the world, of continents, of countries, in only a way that you can with an atlas? National Geographic World Atlas helps you do just that.” – Wired Geek Dad

“The high-resolution imagery used to render those maps are the same as those found in Nat Geo’s wall maps and printed atlases, giving you the best looking and most comprehensive maps in the world, right in your pocket.” – The Adventure Blog

“Talk about a no-brainer! When you are sitting on one of the best and most beloved collections of maps in the world, it almost seems a sin not to bring them to a mobile platform where they can be of such use and fun.” – MIN Online

:: The Best Maps ::

Unlike other maps applications, the National Geographic World Atlas utilizes our highest resolution, press-ready images, providing you the same rich detail, accuracy, and artistic beauty found in our award-winning wall maps and bound atlases. The app is preloaded with 3 different styles of world maps, down to country-level detail. With an internet connection, you can continue zooming through continent-level maps into detailed Microsoft Bing maps – close enough to see your home!

Browse the world as you once did in your classroom with the new interactive 3D globe. Spin, pan, rotate and switch between three different map styles including our classic (blue-ocean), executive (antique-inspired) and satellite image.

:: World Atlas Flags and Facts ::

Learn more about the world around you using the up-to-date, expertly researched Flags and Facts database which contains concise geographic and socio-economic data plus recent updates to places like Southern Sudan.

The new touch-and-hold feature makes learning about the Worldís nations and territories easier. Simply touch-and-hold a place on the 3D globe or any map to pop-up the locationís flag-and-fact page.

:: Search and Bookmark ::

Bookmark your favorite places with push pins and notes. Center the map to your current position. Find places by name using the built-in index of major world cities or the full online search of nearly 7 million places. The world Atlas App puts the world in your hand. Maps of any location a few clicks away

COST: .99

World Atlas App – Maps Anytime Download here

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