Wikipedia + Android = Wikidroid

Here is an app that everyone was waiting for. Wikipedia on the droid. Through a combination of marriage between Google Android and Wikipedia comes the Wikidroid. How can anyone say no to getting the biggest, largest and most up to date encyclopedia in the world.  It is one of the best man made gifts to us and the go to guide for the billions of people in this world. With Wikidroid, you have the whole Wikipedia library available in the palm of your hand. All that knowledge in a square little device! Doesn’t it make you think of world domination? Either way, access the largest encyclopedia anytime, anywhere. You can add bookmarks, jump articles, copy text from articles and so much more. By the way, did I mention it is FREE. Every droid user should have this app. Just comes in handy to have all that knowledge in the palm of your hand to access anytime, anywhere. Not to mention, make you think of world domination. Knowledge is Power!

WikiDroid Features

  • Live search suggestions
  • Voice search
  • Supports all Wikipedia languages
  • Jump to a random article
  • Add bookmarks + home screen shortcuts to articles
  • Quick Search Box integration & a search widget
  • Copy text from articles
  • Full screen mode
  • Quick language swap button
  • Non-obtrusive advertising

Cost: FREE


Click Here To Download



Author: Kira666

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