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This site is designed for anyone and everyone that enjoys reading. Find a great novel or story written by a community of writers. A number of undiscovered gems lie in this site. Wattpad is a totally new form of collaborative entertainment that connects readers and writers across all genres of creative storytelling. They are known as the world’s largest community of readers and writers… And, the best place to discover and share stories on the web and across every mobile device! You will find a whole slew of reading material that is not available anywhere else. Best part is interacting with the writer directly! So, if you have a story you would like to share or just looking for something new to read, Wattpad is a must see!


Millions of readers visit Wattpad everyday to find great stories and right now over 2/3rd’s of our users are accessing Wattpad on a mobile device. We recognize that some people like to read on big screens, others in short bursts on little ones. With Wattpad it all works! On Wattpad users can build and curate lists of stories ranging from contemporary mystery and suspense thrillers to romance or science fiction and poetry.


For writers, Wattpad is a creative, welcoming and completely free community to connect with readers from around the world. Writers can build an engaged fan base, share their work with a huge audience and receive instant feedback on their stories. Marketing happens through social engagement around great content not via big promotional budgets.

There are millions of ways to make an impact on Wattpad! We see writers serializing their content, collaborating with readers over plot twists, interacting with fans on cover art and working together to create video trailers.



Author: Stuspots

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