Voice Tutor – Your American Idol Help App!

Voice Tutor – Your American Idol Help App! 

Here is a great app created to help you with your voice. For all of you whom wish to have a singing voice but are not able to afford the lessons from a professional, Voice Tutor is here to help. This App is designed by professional vocalist for anyone! Whether you are a novice to a professional singer, this app can help you improve your vocals or make you more refined. Comes complete with a comparative diagnostic that helps you determining your vocal challenge by having you sing scales and then listening to four different examples to help determine your voice type. Great app for entertainment and also for those whom are looking to improve their vocals and if you ever looking to signing up for American Idol? This app should help! For Students and Teachers in chorus, this app is great help for your voice and notes. Definitely will help you hone your skills!

Voice Tutor Description:

Just about everyone loves to sing. Out of all those people, there are many who want to improve their voice. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the money to take voice lessons. Voice Tutor hopes to fill this gap.

The Voice Tutor starts out with a diagnostic to help you figure out what kind of trouble you’re currently having with your voice. Once we figure that out, you can take specialized lessons designed to help you overcome your own personal challenges.

We’ve done our best to make Voice Tutor fun and easy to use, so no matter what kind of voice you have, or how long you’ve been singing, we can help!

Voice Tutor is much more than simple scales. Voice Tutor has been painstakingly and meticulously crafted to be the best possible vocal companion for singers of any level. Obviously we can never replace an actual teacher, but we tried our best to do just that!

Each exercise has been assembled to specifically target one of the four voice types. Everyone falls in to one of these categories and our exercises will help you overcome your own specific issues.

The exercises in Voice Tutor were created by professional vocal instructors with many decades of combined experience. Our teachers have worked with everyone from complete beginners all the way up to professionals who’ve sold millions of albums.

What People Are Saying:

“Voice Tutor is the ONLY app on my iPod. It has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. Whether you’re a budding vocalist or a singing sensation, EVERYONE should use Voice Tutor!” – Kelly Rowland (Solo Artist, Destiny’s Child)

“Voice Tutor is the go to app for professionals and beginners. It contains several vocal exercises that are the essential building blocks for vocal development. The Riff and Run section provides an easy to understand break down of today’s approach to singing. From the studio to the stage, Voice Tutor is a powerful tool for your iPhone in the palm of your hand.” – Kevin Antunes (Musical Director for Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Jay Sean and many more)

Voice Tutor Features

Voice Tutor Current Features:

  • A comparative diagnostic that helps you determine your particular vocal challenge by having you sing scales and then listening to four different examples. These four examples very clearly demonstrate the four different voice types, making it easy for you to determine what your particular vocal challenge is.
  • Four sets of exercises, each containing over an hour of lessons, specifically targeting your particular issue.
  • A pitch meter to check your pitch as you sing through your lessons. Enable the pitch meter and the track will slow down to accurately analyze your pitch. Watch the needle and try to keep it pointing straight up! (Please note, due to the extreme timing accuracy required for the Riff’n’Run section, pitch detection is not available)
  • Adjustable piano playback speed for the vocal focus sections so you can sing at a comfortable pace.
  • A workout section that takes a singer through a full vocal warmup. It is perfect for getting ready for a show, recording, auditioning, etc.
  • The “Riff ‘n Run” section. This section will teach you how to sing riffs and runs just like the pros!
  • Background ready – continue your lessons while doing other things with your device.
  • Remote compatible – pop your device into a dock and control it with a remote!

Voice Tutor Coming in future versions:

  • Riff ‘n Run section will be broken into styles, such as Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Country, Classical and Pop. More Riff ‘n Run lessons will be added.
  • Track your Progress – tap a button to record yourself singing a lesson. Go back to that recording later to hear how you’ve improved

Check out our website for more info and a video of Voice Tutor in action!

Cost for Iphone or Ipad: $4.99

Click Here to purchase for Iphone

Cost for Droid Phones: $2.99

Click Here to purchase for Droid

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