Voice Texting Pro – Hands free texting on the Go

Voice Texting Pro – Hands free texting on the Go

In a era where texting is one the easiest and most viable options of communications it is also a hazard. We all know that texting while driving or walking down a busy street can be hazardous to your health in the case of an accident. Enter Voice texting Pro. This app gives you a hands free solution to texting anytime and anywhere. Using superior speech recognition  the user requires no settings whatsoever and is ready to go. Just speak in to the mic and the app does the rest. Unlike other apps and software’s that convert speech into text, there is no training involved. This app is easy and ready to use. Can be used to send SMS Texts, messages to e-mail, messages to your Facebook account, messages or twitter account and even clipboard.

A great app that is surely going to be one the most heavily used apps in your phones arsenal. With a cost of nothing there is really nothing to lose getting this app in yoru phone. A great voice texting app that is sure to please anyone and make life a little easier.

It’s simple: just speak into the microphone and convert your speech into text. Then directly send your message to e-mail, sms, Twitter or Facebook. You can also send it to your clipboard (copy) and paste the dictated text in any other application.

Voice Texting Features

Voice Texting Pro uses superior speech recognition. There are no settings required, just say the words!

Voice Texting Pro doesn’t need to learn your voice, no training is required. It works straight out of the box.

All features are easily available from a single screen.

Sending messages or dictating has never been easier!

Voice texting Support

Please contact us at support@sparklingapps.com if you have any comments or suggestions.

Cost: Free

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  • mariaishere

    This is perfect for driving with children. The young ones always keep your hands busy, it makes you wish you could have five arms..

  • maryjanedow

    I started use it, its a real blessing.I am all over the place with my girls or just grabbing this or that in the car and I don’t have siri yet.