The Art of Vocabulary – Perfect Study Aid for the SAT or Entrance Exams

Vocabulary App for Students – Perfect for Studying and Enterance Exams

This a great App to have in your phone designed for anyone looking to expand their vocabulary. It is a perfect companion for Students, Teachers, Parents or Camp Directors. Anyone can use this. Few things are more impressive than an expansive vocabulary, so why not use it to your full advantage? New & Noteworthy app, Vocabology, not only enables, but encourages this. Vocabology brings you Words of the Day from multiple sources, including Urban Dictionary, Merriam-Webster,, and more, and even from multiple languages. This means you can constantly show off your mastery of the English language while demonstrating your worldliness with inflections of Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, and French jargon.

The app encourages full absorption of your newly acquired lingo by allowing you to partake in timed quizzes, save words as favorites for later revisiting, and create your own sentences with the words that can be shared and saved as well. The app also allows you to conduct automatic web-searches of the words so you can have even more background information to boast as you casually slip them into conversation. Your friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, peers, and everyone else you may talk to will start to wonder when and how you became so verbacious, but they don’t know the secret: you have Vocabology in your back pocket.

Get your word of the day from any or all of these great Word Sources:

✔ Spanish

✔ Portuguese

✔ German

✔ Italian

✔ French

✔ Latin


✔ Wiktionary

✔ Merriam-Webster


✔ Yahoo Education

✔ Common SAT words

✔ Urban Dictionary


Test your knowledge with an addictive quiz game that tests you with the words you’ve seen so far.

Cost: FREE

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  • JustAlisia

    I never seem to get tired of learning new ways to say the same things but with a new feel