The U.S. States and Capitals App [Know Your Geography] Iphone

United States Map and Capitals App 

Here is a wonderful App to learn or refresh your memory about the United States Map and Geography. It is a great app that deatils all 50 states including the Capitals of each state. Great add on for Students in Elementary School, Middle School and High School for those Social Studies and Geography classes. For ESL Students, this also a great add on for learning more about the United States.

For Parents, this is a wonderful app to have for your child or Pre-Schooler. Give them a head start in learning with adding Geography as they grow. Statistics show that the human brain absorbs information very fast at a young age. So, for the price of .99 why not invest in app that will teach your child the United States Geography. Bright and clean-cut lines make it easy for children to distinguish the different states, plus this app introduces them to each state’s capital, their geographic locations, and their sizes in relation to one another. State names are narrated, too, so that your child can recognize state names visually and audibly.

U.S. States and Capitals App

United States Map and Capitals App Features

Learn the 50 states and their capitals in the United States, or refresh what you learned as a kid! Bright, beautiful graphics and high-quality sound create an engaging experience for anyone of any age. The entire interface can be navigated through simple shape and sound recognition

  • Perfect for preschool learners!
  • Learn the states by the sound of their names of all States and Capitals in The United States.
  • Identify the states by shape of all States and Capitals in The United States.
  • Perfect add on for Students in School for geography classes
  • Learn the state capitals in the United States
  • See the states “fly” to their location in the U.S map, helping you learn their geographic locations and relative sizes
  • Large flashcards make interactions easy to learn all States and Capitals in The United States.
  • Professional narration helps reinforce proper pronunciation of all States and Capitals in The United States.

Cost: .99

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