Unit Converter App

Unit Converter App

Here is a great app that turns your phone into a Unit converter. This app is designed for use by almost anyone including Students, Teachers, Parents and professionals. The Unit Converter app works as way of converting over 5000 units. This is an absolute must have for Students and Teachers especially those majoring or taking a science or math course. The free version of Unit Converter App does have ads but you have the option of purchasing the paid version for no ads at all at $1.99 with more features . Still a bargain for this and app that converts units.

Unit Converter App Description:

Convert Any Unit Free is the FASTEST & EASIEST way to convert units! Just type in the unit you want to convert, without first having to select the category. As you type, a list of most likely units appear. When you see the unit you want, just tap on it to select it. For most units, 1 or 2 letters is enough to find the unit you want. This version is ad-supported (a paid version is also available without ads and more features).

★ Note about the PAID Uniter converter app vs FREE version of unit converter app: The PAID version of Unit Converter has no ads and can be purchased by clicking on the link to it on the App Store in the FREE version. Try the free version first, then if you like it, buy the paid version to remove the ads of Unit Converter. The PAID version of Unit Converter also has 4 NEW exclusive features: Custom Units, Custom Default Amount, Show Unit Factors, and Preview Mode.

Featured on the App Store – “What’s Hot”

As you type, the most likely units appear. Once you have selected the From unit, the To unit is automatically restricted to the category of the From unit.

At any time you can browse through the complete list of units available by tapping on the Show List button which appears when you are typing in a unit, and you can even narrow the list of units to browse by category.

Advanced features include bookmarks and an integrated calculator. With over 5,000 units, this is the only unit converter you will ever need.


Unit Converter App Streamlined Interface

  • Search for and select units with autocomplete (as you type, a list of matching units appears).
  • Search faster by typing in only the unit abbreviation or first letter of each word in the unit.
  • Unit Converter has “Intelligent Search” shows the most likely units first.
  • Automatic category selection (category is automatically set once you select a unit).
  • Unit Converter Flip Units button to switch the From and To units.
  • Reset button to clear all inputs and start over.
  • Retina display support for both iPhone and iPad.

Unit Converter App Advanced Features

  • Built in calculator (fractions, decimals, negative numbers, add, subtract, multiply, divide).
  • Save bookmarks and organize them into folders.
  • Equations are shown for temperature conversions.
  • Copy and paste to and from the clipboard in Unit Converter.
  • Conversion result is shown as an easy to understand equation.
  • Unit names are automatically pluralized in the conversion result.
  • Both unit names and symbols shown in Unit Converter.
  • Browse units in an alphabetically indexed list (can narrow by category).
  • Results with up to 10 significant digits.
  • Automatic formatting of numbers based on your current Region Format (e.g. U.S., Canada, Australia, Spain, etc…).
  • Automatic formatting of extremely large or small numbers with scientific E notation for better readability.

Unit Converter App Units

Over 5,000 Units In 39 Categories.

✔ Acceleration

✔ Angle

✔ Area

✔ Capacitance

✔ Currency

✔ Data

✔ Density

✔ Dynamic Viscosity

✔ Electric Charge

✔ Electric Current

✔ Electric Potential

✔ Electrical Conductance

✔ Electrical Resistance

✔ Energy

✔ Flow

✔ Force

✔ Frequency

✔ Fuel Economy

✔ Inductance

✔ Kinematic Viscosity

✔ Length

✔ Luminance

✔ Magnetic Field Intensity

✔ Magnetic Flux

✔ Magnetic Flux Density

✔ Mass

✔ Mass Flow

✔ Parts Per

✔ Power

✔ Pressure

✔ Radiation – Absorbed Dose

✔ Radiation – Equivalent Dose

✔ Radioactivity

✔ Speed

✔ Temperature

✔ Time

✔ Torque

✔ Volume

✔ Weight (Mass)

Cost: Free

Download this App Here

Unit Converter App Paid Version Click here


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  • peternotofpan

    Yo, I know exactly how broke i am in any country at, exactly what time, how much I weight at that time in all units, and even how cold the drat from my empty wallet opening make me feel in F or C, I think kelvin too.