Turn your Android into a portable Scanner – Droid Scan Pro

Have you ever wanted to have a scanner on the go rather then taking a quick pic with your phone? The droid Scan pro is your solution to your problem. Available on Google Play Store, you can turn your Android Phone into a fully functional scanner within the grasp of your hands available anytime, anywhere.  Convert any picture taken into a highly readable JPEG or PDF with ease. Tools embedded within to correct any kind of contrast, color and shape. Wonderful tool to have on hand to record things like receipts, documents and anything else that maybe important to file away.

Compatible with OCR by Docs, Evernote, Goggle Documents. Share via email, SD, and much more.

Droid Scan Pro Features

  • Pro Features Turbo capture of multiple images
  • Generates multi-page PDF files.
  • Google Docs upload with OCR.
  • Shares scans as multi-page PDF files.
  • Basic Features Evernote upload with OCR for search.
  • Perspective correction: starting from a standard snapshot, produces results rivaling those you would get from a flat bed scanner.
  • Document type detection: automatically recognizes business cards and standard paper sizes so that your scans have exactly the right shape; the automatic guesses are very accurate but you can override them if necessary. Competing apps don’t do it!
  • Shares scans as JPEG files.
  • Works across a wide range of Android devices with cameras. Takes advantage of all camera features including flash and auto-focus. Super-fast edge detection with manual adjustment if needed.
  • Post-processing to produce optimized color or black and white images. All processing except OCR takes place on the phone, ideal for sensitive documents.
  • Sharing via standard Android targets: GMail, SMS, web upload. Sharing with most apps that accept JPEG or PDF files: Dropbox, Box.net, Goggles, more…
Cost: 6.99

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Author: Kira666

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