To Do Lists App Shared with Wunderlist

To Do Lists App Shared with Wunderlist

Wunderlist by 6 Wunderkinder is a great app for those who routinely have a to do list and want others to be involved. This app makes it easy to manage and share your daily to do lists with others in a snap. This is a great app for families, Students working on a project, or anyone looking to stay organized. This to do lists app comes equipped with a slew of features and is definitely a worth while looking into.

To Do Lists App Shared with Wunderlist Description

Wunderlist 2 is the easiest way to manage and share your daily to do lists. Whether you’re planning an overseas adventure, sharing a shopping list with a loved one, or simply keeping track of your daily to-dos, Wunderlist is here to help you get things done.

With a host of new features including Reminders, Recurring and Subtasks along with improved Notes, Sharing and Notifications Wunderlist 2 ensures that no detail will be missed. These details are then automatically synced across all your devices, no matter what and how many you are using. Download now to see why millions of people around the world have made Wunderlist their daily companion.

Wunderlist has already been awarded “App of the Year” in Japan and “iPhone app of the Week” in 104 countries. Wunderlist has also appeared in Lifehacker’s “Five Best To-Do List Managers”, Mashable’s “10 Essential Tablet Apps for Business” and The Guardian’s “Best Students Apps”.

To Do Lists App Shared with Wunderlist Key features:

  • Lists – Create and manage all your lists in one place across all your devices
  • Cloud Sync – Use it on any of your devices
  • Recurring & Subtasks – Add all the important details, again and again
  • Reminders – Never miss a deadline
  • Notes – Keep track of all your brilliant ideas
  • Collaborate – Invite friends and colleagues to get involved
  • Notifications – Stay informed via push, email and in-app notifications as well as the brand-new Activity Center
  • Design – Wunderlist’s beautifully simple design makes it downright easy and fun to use
  • Email List – send a list directly via email to your colleagues, friends and family

Here are some ideas on how to use To do Lists App with Wunderlist in your daily life:

  • Write down and organize your daily personal and professional to-dos
  • Access and keep track of your lists on all your devices
  • Work collaboratively with classmates or colleagues by inviting them to get involved
  • Plan your family vacation, note down spots you want to visit and the things you need to pack
  • Write your grocery shopping list and keep it in sync with your partner
  • Curate a list of your all-time favorite movies with friends and plan a movie night
  • Share a wish list with your friends and family and add hints where to buy

To download Wunderlist for free on all your devices go to:

Cost: Free

Click Here to Download for Apple Iphone Click here to Download for Droid Phones

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