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Here is a wonderful site not only geared towards Teachers, but also geared toward Parents and Students. Chad Manis, a language and Journalism with 33 years under his belt offers great Tips not just for teachers to use in their classroom but also for Parents and Students. On his site, you will find hundreds of resources and Tools not only developed by Chad Manis but also sites that he utilizes to help in the Classroom and outside the classroom that is suitable for any age and grade level. The site offers great ideas and resources from anything to Teaching tools to graphic organizer tools.  

Here are some great Pages below that Teachers, Students and Parents will find helpful to look into:


First Year Teachers: A great summation of ideas and technics to help Teachers during their 1st year. This articale contains information on classroom management and great advice to help Teachers during their 1st year in any school. it is a must read article.

First Day of School: This article geared towards teachers is chock full of ideas on how to reintroduce or introduce your students into the new school year. Chad offers a number of different ideas on Setting the Tone, Class Schedules, making a great 1st impression, Homework and so much more.

Teacher Classroom Management Tools: In these sections of Daily teaching Tools, teachers will find a number of great helpful tools for their Classroom management. A lot of great ideas that Teachers can use during their school year with their students and help create a much more positive learning experience. There are topics discussed such as:

Class Management

Room Organization

Classroom Routines

CHAMPs System

Manage Misbehavior

Strategy and Method Tools: offer all kinds of different strategies that teachers can use to help motivate their students and enhance the learning cycle. With different teaching methods highlighted, taking a glance on these pages is sure to help you as a Teacher be more efficient in teaching and help your students grow in the classroom as the School year passes. Be sure to visit all of his pages as they offer a lot of great links to other resources that can help you in the classroom

Motivating Students

Teaching Strategies

Deductive Teaching

Inductive Teaching

Concept Inquisition

Cooperative Learning Tools: How can cooperative group learning Aid in the learning process? Here some great ideas that Teachers can use to help students not only develop social skills in the classroom but also create an environment of teamwork and teambuilding. Daily Teaching Tools has some great ideas and suggestion on Cooperative learning and how it does help students develop skills in oral communication, promote positive race relations and self-esteem. Here are some pages to check out:

Cooperative Learning overview

Grouping Strategies

Assign Individual Tasks

Jigsaw Strategies

Problems and Solutions

Please check for Free Software Tools for teaching only Available on Daily Teaching Tools. A lot of great programs Teachers can use in the classroom to boost the learning experience. Trial versions are available to use immediately and you have the ability to purchase any one of these great resource softwares directly from Daily Teaching Tools at very affordable prices that is sure to fit any teachers budget.

Students and Parents

Daily Teaching Tools offers great resources for Students and Parents to help them make the learning environment more efficient and fun. Students , Parents and teachers will find great resources regarding homework tips, test taking, author study and so much more. Adhering to some the ideas and strategies on daily teaching tools can help students not only the classroom now, but all the way towards their educational career thru college and perhaps graduate school. Here is some places to take a look:

Academic Strategies

Author Study

Homework Tips

Short Reading Tests

Spelling Wizard

Test Taking Skills

Reading List

For More Information or if you have a question that you would like to Chad Manis, please free to consult him through his page here

Chad Manis: A language arts and journalism teacher with 33 years of classroom experience. Offers Great Tips for teachers, Students and Parents on enhancing the Classroom and the learning Environment.

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