Teacher Kit App for Teachers [Personal Organizer to keep Track of your Class]

Teacher Kit Personal Organizer for Teachers! Its like having a personal assistant on your phone

Teacher Kit is a personal organizer for the Teacher. It enables the Teacher to organize classes, and students. Its simple and intuitive interface enables teachers to track the attendance, grades and behavior of students.


Having a Teacher assistant can be handy, but not every school has the budget for such luxuries.
But why would anyone need a TA when there’s Teacher Kit (Free, Universal) ??

This app is a Teacher Swiss Army knife, with tools for classroom organization, behavioural monitoring, and grading. The only thing it doesn’t do is teach the students in your class for you.

Teacher Kit Features

New features for Teacher Kit

  • Teacher Passcode
  • Teacher can Sort Students in Gradebook
  • Attendance counter counts absent times for each students
  • Attendance counter counts from the first absence for each students
  • Enhanced face detection performance and accuracy
  • Many bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Photos are now separate from the database, so it can be smaller and easier to backup and restore.
  • You can now access photos saved in Teacher Kit from iTunes.
  • Amazing new UI.
  • Teacher can see all  classes at a glance instead of swiping one by one.
  • Teachers Swipe to switch between views.
  • New class summary screen for Teachers.
  • Now there is a separate view for behavior showing negative incident counts.
  • Easier to use Attendance Calendar sidebar.
  • Grade book now can automatically distribute the weights equally so you don’t have to do it.

Classes and Students

  • Create a “classroom” for each of your classes or subjects for Students.
  • Tag classes by period or time schedules
  • Add students manually or import them from your iPhone or iPad’s contacts
  • Take or upload student ID photos
  • Set student profiles with customizable fields
  • Add email addresses and phone numbers of students and parents
  • Send out individual or group communications
  • Sort students by first or last name or by grade averages

Students Seating Charts

  • Create a handy seating chart for your class
  • Teacher Kit canTap, wiggle and drag to change seating configurations (iPad only)

Students Attendance

  • Define and color-code attendance categories: present, absent, late, excused, etc.
  • Record attendance by simple taps on the seating chart (iPad only)

Students Behavior and Notes

  • Teacher Kit canQuickly notate positive or negative behavior incidents
  • Easily add anecdotal comments about individual students

Students Gradebook

  • Teacher Kit can Build your grade book in minutes
  • Teacher Kit can Populate it easily with students and gradable items
  • Teacher Kit can Enter grades with an intuitive grade-entry keypad (iPad only)

Import and Export Files

  • Teacher Kit can Import student information and grade book templates in multiple formats
  • Teacher Kit canExport a class’s data: student bio information, attendance and grades in multiple formats

Data Backup

  • Backup your data to DropBox and restore all your data anytime from the cloud

A product that continually improves

  • A NOTE FROM TEACHER KIT: Help us to better serve you by sending us your suggestions, responding to our surveys and allowing us to gather aggregate data to enhance your user experience and enhance the classroom for your students.
Teacher kit app for teachers. Personal classroom organizer. Keep track of Students

Teacher kit app for teachers. Personal classroom organizer. Keep track of Students

Cost: FREE


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