StudyBlue – App for Serious Students – Flashcards with Text, Audio and Images

StudyBlue – App for Serious Students – Flashcards with Text, Audio and Images

An app designed for the Serious Student comes StudyBlue (Not our words but theirs!) StudyBlue is in all aspects a Study app with Flashcards for high school and College students. With so many other Flashcard apps out there, What makes this one stand out? StudyBluw flashcards can be designed can have text, pictures or audio attached. This is a great way of recognizing and retaining the material by seeing, reading and listening. Anyone can take an image using thier smart phone, add some text and upload for study in the app! How is that for a feature on flashcards! Not only that but Students can filter the app to show hardest materials to learn or items that have not been studied yet for example.

StudyBlue does come with other features such as Search, reminders, create quizzes to test yourself,  but a nice feature is messages. With messages you can contact other classmates in your class or outside for any kind of assistance for maybe for a quick question. StudyBlue also allows students to store their notes in the cloud and connect with other students studying the same subjects. That can be a tremendous aid studying or prepping for an exam. Flashcards created can be shared with anyone online using their Studyblue account which is free to create (Internet Connection is required). If you are someone that normally uses flashcards and creates their own then Studyblue is a great way to improve upon that with audio, text and images. Just beware that some Studyblue features to require the pro account and there is a cost attached in app!

StudyBlue – App for Serious Students – Flashcards with Text, Audio and Images Description

STUDYBLUE exists to make studying efficient and effective for every student, for free.

This app is made for serious studiers; flip online flashcards for fast feedback on what you know, then re-study concepts you’ve not yet mastered using Study Filters. Review class notes or make flashcards whenever you have a minute to spare. Study over breakfast or late at night – at the library or in a coffee shop. Do what works for you, whenever and wherever you are.

StudyBlue – App for Serious Students – Flashcards with Text, Audio and Images Features 

  • MAKE FLASHCARDS: Use text, pictures, and audio to create flashcards right on your iPhone or iPad.
  • STUDY STATS: Focus on toughest materials, go hard on “the wrongs”, and take pride in your progress.
  • SEARCH: Find online flashcards and notes from millions of classmate-created materials.
  • REMINDERS: Alerts put an end to forgetting about those 67 biology terms you have to study.
  • STUDY SAVER: Had to bail on a study session? Pick it back up where you left off.
  • MESSAGES: Contact classmates to ask questions or collaborate.


  • A free account is required to use this app; create one after installation.
  • With this app, you can create, study and track your progress with no limits. Some features, such as advanced card formatting and hiding cards, require a StudyBlue Pro account.
  • To connect with your classmates, visit and add Classes.
  • Creating flashcards in the app requires an Internet connection.

Cost for StudyBlue: Free

Click Here to download for Apple Devices Click Here for Android Devices



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