Study Guide to Literature Works and Shakespeare with Spark Notes

Get your Study Guide fix for Shakespeare, Literature, poetry and so much more with Spark Notes. An absolute must have for Students in High School and College/University. We all know how Shakespeare, certain literature pieces and poetry can be a hand full. Not all of it is easy to interpret. I was in an honors English class and we were studying Shakespeare then. Guess how much I understood! If nothing, nada was your guess, you got it! Sorry no prize available. Come to think of I do not even know how I even got into that class. But, back to the subject on hand. Back then, if you needed a study guide or spark notes, you had to get it the old fashion way. I nice trip to your closet Barnes and Noble or library(They really had anything I needed). Save your metro-card fare, save your time and download this app. A must have essential tool for students to help you get through those literary works and those English classes. Trust me, you will be thanking me when using this as it will become your best friend. Access online or offline. Even create a study group with your friends on your mobile by sharing your location.

Morning Routine Features

  • Access 50 pre-installed Sparknotes study guides in your library
  • Hundreds of Sparknotes study guides available for viewing online
  • Download any Sparknotes study guide to your mobile device for offline use
  • Share what you’re studying and where you are by checking in with a customized post to Facebook


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