Mathematics App for Droid Phones (Student and Teacher Must have)

 Mathematics App for Droid Phones

Students and Teachers Must have

Here is a great App for Students and Teachers for your Droid Smartphone called “Mathematics”. Calculate complex formulas with this App straight from your phone. A great way to save money rather then buy calculators. This App that is completely free. For students taking Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry and all those classes that require complex equations, this is a must have. Teachers, you can use this app right in the middle of a lesson plan to grading tests right from your phone. A must have addition to your apps for Teachers and Students.


Students and Teachers can Calculate any formula you want and show them in a 2d or 3d plot. The natural display shows fractions, roots and exponents as you would expect it from mathematics.

In a few seconds Students and Teachers can derivate or integrate your desired function, calculate the zero points of your function und show them in the function plot. See all maxima, minima or inflection points in one view.

The easy way of use allows Students and Teachers to solve linear equations in just a moment. Or transform your mathematical, physical or chemical equation to any unknown variable.

If Students and Teachers often needs to calculate with binary, octal or hexadecimal number systems? No problem! You can mix them together in one calculation even by using decimal digits. But that’s not enough! You can also calculate with any other number system with base 2 to 18.

From time to time you may need to convert units to another one, like Celsius to Fahrenheit, miles to kilometre, inches to foot and so on.

You will also be able to calculate with vectors, matrices and determinants.
All this features are combined in this app and will make your mathematical life a lot easier.

Mathematics for Students and Teachers


  • Modulo calculation with big integer
  • Formula calculation with 2d and 3d plot
  • Differential and integral calculus
  • Curve sketching, limes, minima, maxima
  • Linear algebra, vectors, matrices – unit conversion
  • Number systems, binary/oct/decimal/hex calculator – complex number calculation
  • Supported languages: English, German, Francais, Espanol, Italian, Portuguese

Mathematics is a powerful calculation software for your android smartphone.

A must have for Students and Teachers!

Cost: FREE

Download this App Click Here




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