Speed Reading – Improve your Reading & mental retention!

Speed Reading  – Improve your Reading & mental retention! 

Here is a great app that is not often seen around to frequently. Reading Trainer is your solution to increase your reading speed and improve your reading power. Designed with 12 fun and challenging exercises, users will see the benefits in reading speed, eye exercises and improvements to mental capacity. This speed reading app provides everything you need to read texts of all types faster, more effectively and most of all, with better retention. According to their studies, trial users whom have used this speed reading app have had an increase in their reading speed by an average of 143% in 10 days. This is a definite worth while investment for any and all especially students whom are plagued with exams throughout their school career. With the Speed Reading app, any user can get the benefits of not only reading faster but retaining what is read.

Speed Reading – Improve your Reading & mental retention! Description

Reading Trainer improves your reading speed and retention rate with 12 challenging and fun exercises. The popular speed reading app is finally available on Android!

  • Significant increases in your reading speed
  • Eye-exercises and improvements in your mental capacity

This speed reading app provides everything you need to read texts of all types faster, more effectively and most of all, with better retention.

The Speed Reader app allows you to get your daily work done while practicing important reading skills.
Learning reading techniques has never been this much fun!

Double your reading speed in just a few days.

This innovative speed reading app provides the ideal platform to achieve measurable results with a minimum of effort.

Speed Reading – Improve your Reading & mental retention! Features:

But that’s not all: You will have fun mastering the skills you need to attain effective reading techniques and significantly increase your reading speed; this means:

  • Rapid recognition of numbers, letters and words
  • Flexible eye movements
  • Improved ability to concentrate
  • Increased vision span

The Speed Reading app guides you through the individual training steps.

The software immediately recognizes your strengths and weaknesses. The statistics function lets you see and track your progress.

The results of each training exercise are charted for your review. More stars mean that you are getting closer to your objective: more effective reading skills and with it extremely high reading speeds.

You can check your reading speed at any time using different reading tests from a variety of topics.

Questions about the text are used as a secondary test to assess your retention ability. This is the ideal combination for mastering effective reading skills and high retention rates.

But beware: you might get hooked since early progress will motivate you to work on your skills regularly.
It is fun and you are doing something to stay mentally fit at the same time.

We recommend that you train regularly but not excessively to ensure best results.

Who needs the Speed Reading app?

  • Anyone reading more than half an hour a day
  • Teachers and Educators
  • High-School and College students

Who can benefit from Speed Reading app?

  • Do you often feel that you take too long to read something?
  • Do you return to previous passages because something was not clear?
  • Are you easily distracted while reading?
  • Do you have difficulty recalling what you read?

Cost: 3.99

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  • jake

    i love this app!! i remember i had a couple of written exams for my college writing course!! i barely could could concentrate on the text let alone the the actual story, so my friend told me to try this app, and at it first i was skeptical, but wow.. this app really helps you to keep focused.. i mean with this app i was better able to understand and focus most if not all my written exams