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Spanish Verb Chart 

Here is an excellent brand new app just released for anyone taking Spanish as a Second Language  The Spanish Verb Chart created by Elaine M. Smith is a perfect companion to anyone taking Spanish. Designed for Students and Educators in mind; the Spanish Verb Chart illustrates the correct conjugations of the 14 basic verb tenses of the Spanish language, in both regular and irregular formats. Any Student in taking Spanish in Middle School, High School or College will find this app very useful and accessible at anytime directly from their I phone of I pad. So far, this app has received stellar reviews and definitely can help in memorizing conjunctions easier. This is a Book and is available to download. Spanish Verb Chart can be used on your phone, Ipad or personal computer.

Spanish Verb Chart Description

Look no further. Spanish Verb Chart is an electronic, concise, and comprehensive six page application iChart that illustrates the correct conjugations of the 14 basic verb tenses of the Spanish language, in both regular and irregular formats.

Why should you purchase this innovative Spanish Verb iChart?

  • Download in minutes to your iPhone, iPad, or personal computer.
  • Electronic app erases the need for cumbersome textbooks.
  • iChart offers a comprehensive format of the basic verb conjugations.
  • User friendly format for classroom instruction
  • Self-teaching tool for both beginning and advanced levels .
  • Proven track record as a “valued resource” in the Advanced Spanish classroom .
  • Most importantly, the price is right… only $3.99 for Spanish Verb Chart!

Benefits of the Spanish Verb iChart?

When it comes to learning a language, it’s rarely the vocabulary that gives people trouble. More often than not, the trickiest part of speech is the verb and for many, Spanish is no different. Spanish verb conjugation can be very intimidating for those new to the language. Even students in their fourth or fifth year of classes may need help with conjugations, as well as native speakers. A dictionary can only take you so far. It takes time to flip to the page that you need and while it will give you the definition, information on how to switch to the present tense or past tense is nowhere to be found. It can quickly provide you with the translation of the word soy, but it can’t tell you how to conjugate the preterite form of hablar. There are plenty of tools available that can help you on your journey to becoming a speaker of the Spanish language. Spanish-English dictionaries, games, flashcards, worksheets, exercises, and websites such as 123TeachMe and could all lend you a hand. However, there is a simpler method when it comes to learning the conjugated forms of ser, venir, dar, or hacer; and though there is no magic Spanish machine or automatic conjugated verb generator, the Spanish Verb Chart app developed by Advanced Placement Spanish instructor, Elaine M. Smith comes as close as you’ll ever get.

Smith has created an easy-to-access app which displays her comprehensive 6-page Spanish verb s table. If you’re searching for a quick conjugating application that will guarantee correctness and a broad range of information about the rules of endings, agreement, and the conjugation of Spanish verb s, the Spanish Verb Chart is the answer. Other reference materials come in the form of large, heavy books that require a guide just to take you to the specific words you’re looking for. Typing a search into Google can bring up a variety of results that require time to sift through. The internet grants us access to a plethora of knowledge but with the availability of apps through our phones and computers, we no longer have to take the time to search for a website that may or may not present factual information.

The Spanish Verb Chart app is like your own personal trainer getting you in shape for those conjugation drills you know will be coming your way in class tomorrow. It is forever pocket-handy, easy to follow and completely comprehensive. This chart covers everything you might want to know about the fourteen tenses of regular and irregular verbs found in Spanish.

These include:

The 7 basic Spanish verb tenses: Present, past: preterit  past: imperfect, future, conditional, present subjunctive, past imperfect subjunctive

The 7 compound Spanish verb tenses: Present perfect, past perfect: preterit  past perfect: imperfect, future perfect, conditional perfect, present perfect: subjunctive, past perfect: subjunctive So get ready to give yourself a major one-up on the rest of the class when you download the Spanish Verb Chart by Señora Smith and you will be acing that test in no time!

Cost: $3.99

Purchase the Spanish Verb Chart Here

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  • AmySwiss

    This app has been my saving grace Without it I know I would not be doing so well this semester.