Security App and backup for Iphone or Ipad Free!

Security App for Iphone or Ipad Free! 

There are so many Security apps out there for Iphone that there are just too many to name. But, here is one that offers so much and costs you absolutely nothing! Lookout by Lookout Inc offers a full suite of Security features to get or locate your Iphone or Ipad if in case it has been stolen or lost. Unfortunately, it does not offer the picture capture feature but with all the features and the fact that this app is free to download makes it more then worthy to include your arsenal of apps. Some features of Lookout include locating your device from anywhere, saving the last destination before the battery dies, a custom message to inform the finder to return the device and so much more. This Security app is a definite must download app to have whether you have a Security app installed or not. If you do already use one, then this one makes a great compliment.

Security App for Iphone or Ipad Free!  Description

Don’t lose your iPhone or iPad again! Lookout is the best way to protect your precious iOS device from data loss, theft and other threats that put your personal information at risk.

See why more than 40 million users trust Lookout to protect their devices!

Security App for Iphone or Ipad Free! Features:

Lookout is the ONLY free, all-in-one security app that:

  • Locates your lost device from anywhere, on any internet connected device
  • Automatically saves your device’s location before it runs out of battery
  • Backs up your contacts automatically
  • Notifies you if you have an out-of-date or insecure version of iOS

Log in to from any computer, tablet or phone to:

  • Locate your lost or missing iOS device on a map
  • Sound a loud alarm to find your lost device if you think it’s nearby (even if you left it on silent!)
  • Display a custom ‘lost’ message on your device screen, complete with contact details, to get your device back faster!
  • Restore your contacts to a new device
  • Call your missing device over the web from any browser
  • Manage your iPhone, iPad or other devices from one account

Note: Continued use of GPS to track your phone can decrease battery life.

Security App by Lookout Cost: Free

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  • shinaqua

    i cannot tell u how useful this app is, it has saved my hide so many times, i mean. i am losing my phone really frequently, this app helps me find where it is..omg !! i love this app