School Notes complimented with Sketch Time!

School Notes complimented with Sketch Time! has found a great app for those that love to draw. But, thinking outside of the box, Sketch Time has the possibility of going beyond the norm of not just being a great drawing app to pass the time or for entertainment into also be utilized for School studies. Like all students, School notes are usually taken unless you have a photographic memory. Sketch Time is a great way to compliment those School notes with actually drawing of diagrams or images that would help you the student excel in your classes. At the cost of 1.99, this app is a bargain for the possibilities it offers. Students that are studying classes like; Physics, Chemistry, biology, etc can greatly benefit from this app. Just open up sketch time and start drawing those diagrams or images in your phone for use later. Teachers can also this app as a great resource for sharing any course material they create which can be sent over via e-mail or Social sites to compliment School Notes. A definite must have app!

School Notes complimented with Sketch Time! Description

SketchTime is totally optimized for quick sketches and tracing photos. It’s like opening up a sketch pad, picking your favorite pen and just letting the sketches flow. Or you can trace your photos just like with tracing paper, only easier and faster. If you love sketching but dislike cluttered, complicated UI and too many option to set, SketchTime is your best choice.

School Notes complimented with Sketch Time! Features:

Straightforward & Streamlined UI

  • Simple, uncluttered and elegant user interface
  • All the essential tools right at your fingertips
  • Quick selection of pen size and color

Lifelike Pen & Paper

  • Realistic and fast pen strokes like gel ink pens
  • Photorealistic paper
  • Pen/Marker/Eraser with various color & size

Tracing Photos

  • Easily trace photos with adjustable transparency
  • Import photos with various options (rotation, fill/fit to screen, color/b&w)


  • Extremely responsive two finger zooming and panning


  • Sit back and watch your sketches smoothly play back


  • Tweet or email directly from SketchTime
  • Various export options (rotation, transparent background)
  • High resolution export (iPhone4: 1000×1500, iPhone5: 1000×1778, iPad: 1200×1600, iPad3: 2400×3200)

Extra Stuff You’ll Love

  • Support for all orientations
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Lock sketches (protection from being deleted or edited by mistake)
  • Palm rest (only for iPad)

Universal & Affordable

  • The best sketch app that works on all your iDevices
  • Support for iPhone5 and retina iPad

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School Notes complimented with Sketch Time! Cost: 1.99

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