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School Notes App for Iphone 

Here is great App for Students and Teachers designed specially with them in mind for Note taking, reminders and all kinds of functions. The ULTIMATE note taking app for secondary and post-secondary students and teachers is now available for your iPad and iPhone/iPod. School Notes App will help you take notes in MANY different formats that make sense and be fun at the same time.

The School Notes app by Mike File is one designed specifically for secondary, post-secondary students and teachers. It is designed to allow you to take down notes in multiple platforms on your Apple phone or Ipad.

With School Notes App, you can store photos or videos of lessons or labs along with your lesson notes; upload your teachers’ YouTube or iTunes U content; set reminders for upcoming assignments or tests; voice record your thoughts on the class or record an audio entry of the class; and take class notes in the effective C-Note format, which you can then print, share by email, or save to that day’s class info. Finally, you can create Flash Cards for studying purposes, or share them with your study group or partner through a VGA connection.

With the School Notes App you can:

  • Set up reminders so you can see when you have tests coming up or when your assignments are due.
  • Take daily class notes in the popular and proven effective C-Note format. These notes can be saved to that day’s class, as well as printed, or shared with a study partner/group through email with School Notes App.
  • Store video or pictures of labs or lessons with your lesson’s notes, including upload teacher made videos or iTunes U content.
  • Draw or write on an interactive Note Board which can be projected through your VGA adapter. These notes can also be printed, emailed or shared with a study partner/group through an overhead or external monitor.
  • Create an audio entry of a lecture or record your own thoughts about the class.
  • Write a summary of the lesson or use the dictation assistant if you have the new iPad or iPhone 4S.
  • Create Flash Cards for studying or sharing with a study partner/group through a VGA connection.

With School Notes App All the above can be saved by subject and day on an easy to read calendar for review and studying. You can also use the calendar to return to a previous lesson to add information or modify your notes.

As a bonus, the School Notes App provides math and science formulas, as well as a periodic table.

Everything you need for effective notes to enhance your education all in one App!

Go to “App Support” or visit the Developer Website for a Video Tutorial of all of the School Notes App functions.

Note to users: We are already working on the next update for School Notes App. Please contact us through the Developer’s Web Site link in the App Store with any suggestions on improving this app.

Cost: $1.99

Get the School Notes App here




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