SAT Vocabulary APP for Droid Phones

SAT Vocabulary APP for Droid Phones

The ultimate SAT flashcard application on the market with 375 common words! Here is a great App for Students getting ready to take the SAT college entrance exam. Lets face it, the Vocabulary portion is one of the most difficult portions on the SAT. Here is an App to help you with all that and best part that it is Free! Parents, Please recommend this SAT app for your College bound Children!

Introducing version 1.0 of our SAT vocabulary application. This version holds 375 of the most commonly found words on the SAT! Words are split into groups of 15 to help you learn at a steady pace. They can also be split up by their first letter. Plus, you can select any word to be included in your own personal wordlist! Memorizing has never been easier!

SAT Vocabulary Features

-375 of the most common SAT words with definitions!

-Simple, intuitive interface that makes memorization clean and efficient

-25 pre-defined wordlists!

-Wordlists sorted by letter

-Your own personal wordlist highlighted in red!

-Hear words spoken aloud via Android’s Text To Speech engine!

-Shuffle or alphabetize each wordlist!

Cost: Free

Download the SAT Vocab App Here

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