SAT Test Prep By Arcadia Prep

Need help prepping for the SAT”s? Look no further then the SAT Test Prep by Arcadia Prep. This app gives you complete course study in the palm of your hand with your Ipad or Iphone. Forget those heavy expensive books! The SAT prep by Arcadia gives the user an interactive, comprehensive study guide. It has everything you need to prepare for the SAT’s. It is self paced, yet there is help for those who need it. There is even a discussion board to post questions and answers. I would have found this very helpful 15 years ago! The app is based on on materials  created by Nova Press and is the equivalent of over 600 pages of printed material. Not bad for just $2.99. It includes hundreds of SAT problems and examples. It is the ultimate tool to have especially on the go or on vacation to prep for college!

SAT Test Prep Features

  • Modular sections and problem sets for all 3 sections of the SAT
  • Workspace and Pen Tools
  • Step-by-step solution accessible from each problem
  • Get Help. Post a question in the discussion board (registration required) and an expert will answer your question.
  • Help Others. Create a 3-minute video explanation in 3 minutes, or post a text response to answer others’ questions
  • Keep track of your scores and pace yourself with the built-in timer


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Author: Kira666

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  • missylucy321

    this one is good too. oh also, I know some might be wondering how I know so much about these apps or why I am i am talking about it. Well let me tell you. I get paranoid when it comes to academics. I like As and A LOT of them. I like to work my brain in new fun ways. OH And I really really like giving my opinion because it might help even if just a little its something so why not!