SAT Flash Cards – Your Quick SAT Study Fix!

SAT Flash Cards – Your Quick SAT Study Fix!

This is a wonderful app for all students preparing for the SAT college entrance exam called SAT Flash Cards. This app is powered by Flash Cards to help students prepare  efficiently by using Flash Cards in a number of different options. Unlike other Flash Cards apps out there, SAT Flash Cards is accompanied with a slew of extras and features that students will find easy to use and memorize necessary components of the SAT.  SAT Flash cards options include statistics, offline study, quizzes, games, card matching, regular study cards and so much more. This is the perfect companion for students in high school preparing for the SAT or the PSAT.  For students looking for a head start in preparing for the SAT’s. SAT Flash cards is a great way to prepare as well as increase your vocabulary and math knowledge early on for acing the SAT exam. Using this app in conjunction with other apps recommended on, you are on the correct path to scoring high on the SAT!  This app is absolutely free!

SAT Flash Cards – Your Quick SAT Study Fix! Description:

SAT flashcards to help you prepare for SAT exam.

Powered by super flash card with a built-in spaced repetition scheme, the app will also help you memorize SAT flashcards more efficiently by showing SAT flashcards just before you forget.

SAT Flash Cards – Your Quick SAT Study Fix! Features:

  • Sound support.
  • More game statistics.
  • Study cards in a box.
  • Customize text color and background color/images of cards.
  • Corrected misspelled words.
  • Search flashcards with larger flashcard database
  • Download flashcards for offline study
  • Help system with a better navigation system
  • SAT flashcard database
  • Study SAT flashcards with/without slideshow mode
  • Matching SAT flashcards games
  • Memorize SAT flashcards games
  • SAT flashcards quizzes
  • SAT flashcards proSATss tracking
  • Access/study to your flashcards on
  • Leitner system

SAT Flash Cards Cost: Free

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  • jenny4apenny

    I wish I was in high school again just to have a good reason to use this app so I don’t come off as geeky.. lol but I am am going to download it anyway…lol***

  • james

    not bad, plus its for free..

  • mary

    really helped me do extremely well with my SAT’s… i mean i tried everything from enrolling in Kaplan classes to reading Kaplan books.. but thisa app really boosted my confidence in taking the exam, when taking i did not feel nervous and all answers felt as if they were coming naturally