Parking Meter Pro – Never Pay another Parking Ticket Again!

Parking Meter Pro – Never Pay another Parking Ticket Again!

Parking Meter Pro brought to you by Appinthebox is a great utility app for your Iphone. This app not only keeps a tab on your meter running but it also geo targets your parked car location on a map! This is a great app sure to come in handy for where ever you are headed without the  headache of getting a parking ticket becuase the meter ran out and forgetting where you parked your car! Parking Meter Pro comes equipped with a couple features includuing adding notes and a reminder alarm to let you know that your meter is about to run out. A definite install especially at a cost of FREE!

Parking Meter Pro Description

Parking Meter Pro is the fastest, 1 click, super easy to use parking assistant for the iPhone. Never get another parking ticket or forget where you parked with this super useful, gorgeous app.

Parking Meter Pro – HOW IT WORKS

Simply click your time limit, then you are off to your appointment. The timer will start the countdown and if you have internet access a pin will automatically be dropped on your map to show where you parked.

You can also take a photo and write a note, incase you need to jot down where you parked in a multi level car lot.

When the timer runs out you will be alerted. You can also set pre-alert warnings in the settings to alert you early and give you time to get back to your car.


It has the ‘NO LIMIT’ feature unique to ‘Parking Meter Pro’ which counts up instead of down, for car lots that charge by the hour, so you can keep track of how long you have been parked.

You can also set the app to show the expired time after your meter time has run out, so you can see how much over you are.


1. Gorgeous HD graphics, arguably the best looking and streamlined parking app on the app store.

2. Parking Meter is so quick and easy to use, a few seconds then you are off to your appointment.

3. Global settings so you can set your preferred options once and then let it run.

4. Built in alerts that will pop up even with the phone asleep or in another app.

5. Streamlined so that everything happens effortlessly on the same screen.

6. Built in maps and notes all in one place so you can easily find your car again. The map also goes further than other apps but grabbing your position several times and then positioning your pin in the median for better accuracy.

7. Standard time buttons and a keypad for more specific times.

8. The ability to take a quick photo.

9. Super quick load up time for the app so you aren’t waiting around.

10. No crazy stuff you don’t need and no annoying ads.

Also works great for timing cooking, or anything else where you need a countdown or count up.

We hope you enjoy Parking Meter Pro as much as we enjoyed building it.

Cost: Free

Click here to Download!

Author: Stuspots

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  • henry

    oh man !! i cannot tell you how useful this app, is, i mean b4 getting this iwas pay up to the ***** in parking tickets, cuz theres no parking space near my job, and i got run every hr. to put a quarter in, i kept losing track of the time…thank god for this app, it saved me tons o money