Oxford American Dictionary & Thesaurus For All Your English Needs

The Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus is the on stop check in for all your English needs. If you are someone like me whom spends time going back and forth from the Dictionary to the Thesaurus just to find the right word or need an synonyms and antonyms then this is the perfect tool for you. It also contains valuable writing tips and information. An absolute must have for Students and Students majoring in English.

The Second edition contains more then 150,000 words, phrases and definitions which twice as many as the competition. With this app you are getting the complete package and is a writers best friend. With definitions and synonyms grouped together, you can now know instantly if a particular word is the one that best captures what you want to say. An essential resource for students, writers, and anyone else who wants to write clearly, precisely, and with power.

Oxford American Dictionary Features

  • Fuzzy word search
  • Share words via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • No wireless connection required
  • Tag words for easy retrieval
  • Display a history of words viewed

If you are looking for a great dictionary and thesaurus for high school, college or daily reference use then you’ve found it! If you are looking for a more comprehensive American English dictionary or thesaurus, search for the following Handmark titles: New Oxford American Dictionary Oxford American Writers Thesaurus If you are looking for a more comprehensive British English dictionary or thesaurus, search for: Oxford Dictionary of English Oxford Thesaurus of English


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