Onavo Extend – Data Usage – Get More from your Mobile Plan

Onavo Extend – Data Usage – Get More from your Mobile Plan

One of the best money saving Apps is Onavo Extend. Most people today especially if you are reading this have a smartphone. One of the features of the smart phone is online data usage. With Wi-FI, no charge, however, Wi-Fi is not always available and Cell Phone companies restrict data usage to certain amount. The free app by Onavo Extend compresses data automatically to help you reduce data usage on your phone. In other words, it will save you money if you typically exceed your mobile service plan’s data allotment. Additionally, anyone traveling abroad with an iPhone should absolutely have Onavo installed. Learn the settings well, and watch your data usage decrease without you having to do anything else. The App gives you a a report that breaks down usage by data by apps and other mobile activities.

Onavo Extended Description:

Get up to 5 times more out of your 3 or 4G data plan without changing the way you use your phone. Do this while using your favorite apps, sharing photos, browsing the web, and more. Even when you’re traveling abroad, Onavo Extend will help you stay within your roaming plan.

” [It] will be able to shave precious megabytes off of […] wireless bills, which will be particularly useful when roaming.” – Venture Beat

“It’s clever [..] you could save yourself a lot of cash!” – BBC

“This app doubles your data plan” – WSJ.com

Onavo Extended and How it works:

Onavo Extend compresses all the data you download over 3G, EDGE and LTE, including images and texts. The app gives you reports that break down how you’re using data by apps and other mobile activities so you can keep track of where you’re spending your monthly data allowance.

You control the balance between image quality and the amount of data you’ll save in Onavo Extend’s settings.


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