OFFLINE Maps App – Mapswithme Pro – Travel Maps

OFFLINE Maps App – Mapswithme Pro – Travel Maps

For anyone and everyone that is looking to travel or travels frequently; here is a great app to have at your disposal installed in your smart phone. Mapswithme pro is an Offline Maps utility app that presents maps of any country on your smart phone regardless of being online or offline. A very nifty tool to have around especially when not in a familiar area. Comes equipped with GPS targeting also so that the user is always aware of their location (Online access would be needed). A downside to this is that does not offer any navigation or directions to a destination. Fortunately, google maps can solve that problem.

Not only does this app serve as a must have app for traveling, but users can use this locally to bookmark their favorite spots, hangouts or places they would like to visit. Mapswithme is a great tool to have around for those that are looking to bookmarking select points on their journey or for security of being able to access a offline maps.  A must purchase and install app for those on the move and always looking to discover what is out there!

Offline Maps App is available in pro and lite version. Please note that Offline Maps Pro has a cost associated with it

OFFLINE Maps App – Mapswithme Pro – Travel Maps Description

The quickest offline maps of the entire world. Search and mark your places in offline mode. Maps work everywhere!

OFFLINE Maps App – Mapswithme Pro – Travel Maps Features:

  • ALL COUNTRIES, ALL CITIES: If you get the MapsWithMe Pro, the entire world is in your pocket. Even maps of the smallest islands!
  • REALLY FAST: No grey squares anymore! Our innovative data compression method allows you to download maps in seconds, navigate through them smoothly.
  • MAP ROTATION AND AUTO-FOLLOW MODE: You can rotate the map with your fingers manually. When the auto-follow mode is on, the map automatically orients itself to the direction you are moving.
  • GPS POSITIONING: You will always be able to locate where you are with the GPS positioning and compass.
  • OFFLINE MAPS SEARCH: Find everything you need of all the objects available on the map in a second! The auto-suggestion feature makes searching maps faster and easier.
  • BOOKMARKS: Want to mark your favorite locations or travel destinations? Tap the map and add any place to the bookmarks list. Then find it easily again and again.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT OF BOOKMARKS: Share your favorite places with friends via email or add bookmarks from other maps to MapsWithMe. KML/KMZ files are supported.
  • THOUSANDS OF POI: Thousands of POI converts the app into your own city guide. Search within food, shop, hotel, sights, entertainment, bank, transport and many other categories to find the place you need.
  • PERFECT TO NAVIGATE: At the moment MapsWithMe app has no navigation or route planner feature, but auto-follow mode, fast rendering, precise GPS positioning makes our maps a perfect tool to control your direction while driving.

If you have any problems, just They respond to every request as stated in their page.

OFFLINE Maps App – Mapswithme Pro Cost: $4.98

OFFLINE Maps App – Mapswithme Lite Cost: FREE

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