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Are you dependent on writing down everything ? Are you afraid it will all be lost in the sea of your mind?  Are you tired of having separate notes on paper,  your computer, you Itouch/IPad?  Notespark is the solution for you.  A great app that has worked wonders for me no matter where I am or what I am doing. I have my notes with me all up to date and in perfect with each other also easy to find and no more reading glasses you can change the font size to meet your needs. Share notes with anyone that uses this app with their account or share your notes with anyone that has an account. This app has multiple functions and can be used in any number of ways.


Introduction to Notespark

Notespark is an iOS app and a web app that were built from the ground up to be the best way to sync and share notes on your iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. Sync Perfected

Notespark syncs with a web app, not a desktop app, so that you don’t need to remember to sync before leaving the house. Everything happens automatically. As you switch back and forth between the web and your device, the same notes will always be available no matter where you are. If you use more than one device, like an iPad and an iPhone, your notes will still stay perfectly in sync via your Notespark web account. If you edit the same note in multiple places, Notespark will merge the changes automatically. If it can’t, it’ll let you choose how to resolve any conflict without losing any information. Because Notespark is a universal app, you’ll just pay once. With no ads or subscription fees. Live Sharing

When you share a note through Notespark, everyone sees the same text, and anyone can update it (if you let them). If two people make changes to the same note at the same time, Notespark’s fast and robust synchronization engine can merge the changes as easily as it handles changes made on multiple devices. Share notes with a spouse, friend or coworker to keep track of things together (grocery lists, favorite restaurants, project notes). You can even share with people who don’t have iPhones by having them use the web version of Notespark. When someone makes a change to a shared note, you are notified immediately through push notifications. Better features, not more features

We’re not fans of applications that try to do everything under the sun. We’ve always tried to focus on the most important things and on doing them as well as possible. That’s why we wrote our own synchronization server. It was the only way we could make sync feel “right”. And if you look around, you’ll notice the same obsession with getting it “right” in every feature.


  • Fast, robust, secure syncing with via https – View and edit your notes from any browser on the Notespark website
  • Sync one set of notes flawlessly between multiple devices (e.g., iPhone and iPad) –
  • No ads or subscription fees – Easy import of memos from Palm Desktop (mac/win), Outlook, and Toodledo –
  • Organize notes by tagging and starring
  • Clickable links for URLs, phone numbers, and addresses – Find notes by full text search – Adjustable text size – Choose yellow or white background
  • Sort notes by date or by title
  • Share notes with other Notespark users, and optionally allow them to edit –
  • Receive push notifications for shared notes and starred notes – Friendly interface for resolving editing conflicts – Send notes via email directly within Notespark –
  • Landscape mode support –
  • Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion

Cost 4.99

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Author: Kira666

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