New York City Subway Map App

New York City Subway Map App

This is a must have app for anyone that is traveling to New York City or even a native to New York City. The New York City Subway Map app is your ticket to the city anywhere at anytime. New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. Tons of locations, attractions, things to see and experience  No trip is ever complete without taking the New York City Subway. So, if you are one of those people that hates asking someone for directions or even looking the map in the Subway Station, do yourself a favor and get this app. Get detailed directions, estimated times of arrival from and to destinations. If you are traveling to New York City soon or in the future, this is the must have app to have. The cost is FREE. 

Description – New York City Subway Map App

Join over 250,000 daily users who enjoy the benefits of New York City Subway Map from mxData. New York City Subway Map gives you all the subway know how you need to get around the city that never sleeps. Whatever your journey this FREE app will be just the ticket.

  • Uses the official iconic Metropolitan Transportation Authority map of the NYC subway.
  • Route planner calculates the best route for your journey. Select a route type, which is right for you, either the fastest or which has the fewest changes.
  • Save your favourite routes to access again and again.
  • Calculate your route so that you know how long your journey will take and how many stations you will pass through.
  • Easy to search for a subway station or find the one nearest to where you are now.
  • Map feature allows you to view your selected route and the local area around each subway station.
  • A clear map with pan and zoom functionality enables you to view easily while on the move.
  • When in network coverage get LIVE information about the subway stations and lines so you are always in control of your journey.
  • It is FREE!

Stay on track with New York City Subway Map

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Cost: Free

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  • littleladykateygoboom

    This one really helped out on my trip. I did not get lost at all.