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Get Microsoft Word on your Droid. Honestly, who can not use Word on their phone. It is probably the single most used tool for writing papers, thesis’s, documents, lettering writing, etc. This app gives you full access to word directly on your droid. Students will find this helpful as they can write edit their papers anywhere, at anytime. The app is a great add on and must have for anyone that uses Microsoft word that that is quite a few of us!

Microsoft Word Features Droid

Learning Microsoft Word 2010 (vol.7) Microsoft Word 2010 Video Course vol. 7. This is a professional video learning course about MS Word 2010 for PC! Learning Microsoft Word 2010 (vol.7): video guides and video instructions (87 minutes of video; video resolution 800×480).

With this material you introduced step by step in the advanced handling of Word 2010. Content of vol.7:

01. Tracking changes and showing markup

02. Accepting and rejecting changes

03. Comparing and combining documents

04. Coauthoring documents with SharePoint

05. Trouble-free document sharing

06. Emailing a document

07. Saving a document to a Windows Live drive

08. Saving to SharePoint and sharing a document link

09. Using Word on the web

10. Blogging with a document

11. Finalizing and password-protecting a document

12. Restricting editing for all or part of a document

13. Digitally signing a document

14. Changing Word options

15. Customizing the Ribbon

16. Creating and playing a macro

17. Assigning a macro to the Ribbon

cost: $3.99


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