Math Algebra Solver Calculator

The only Math app that Students have been waiting for. The Math Algebra Solver is an app made for Students to help solve those difficult Algebra equations. Where was this when I was in High School! The Algebra Calculator built in solves the problems for you that Teachers will accept. Built primarily for students the app is a personal Math tutor straight on your phone. Perfect for Students in Algebra 2  that need help in Factoring, quadratic equation solver, system of linear equations with two or three equations. pythagorean theorem, with two versions, one for simple problems and one for more advanced problems. So much more is available and you must check out for yourself. For .99, how can you pass this up!

Please note: Not sure if this app was designed to help students with Exams or on exams during a test. I doubt it is something that a Teacher will accept. Is kind of like cheating if you use this during an exam. I am just saying. Otherwise. Great learning tool!

Cost: $0.99

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