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For all of you who are having trouble with chemistry, your solution is here. We all know one of the tougher sciences to learn is chemistry considering  all the gases, weights, and lets not forget all the elements that you need to learn and memorize ( He=helium, O2= oxygen, and C= carbon). And on top of that you still gotta worry about your other classes for example like calculus…. Well the solution is here and it is a free app for the Android. It is called Chemistry mobile. Chemistry mobile provides you with the periodic table, it balances chemical equations no matter what the difficulty is (from junior high school-college), and it even performs stoichiometry. Stoichimetry… I do not remember learning that in Chemistry whatsoever but hey, it performs it for you if your Teacher/Professor requires it.  So if your having trouble with chemistry this app is a must have . Need something to reference for Chemistry, here is your best friend right here on your Droid phone.


Chemistry Mobile Features

  •  Balance chemical equations
  • Perform stoichiometric calculations
  • Evaluate gas laws
  • Periodic Table
  • Chart of Polyatomic ions
  • Activity series
  • Molar Mass Calculator
  • List of formulas
  • Solubility Rules


cost: FREE


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Author: Kira666

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