Magnifier Plus Flashlight App – Emergency and Aid App

Magnifier Plus Flashlight App 

Here is a great must have app for just about everyone.  This a great multi-functional App that not only makes your Iphone into a bright Flashlight but also comes equipped with a magnifier that can zoom in 10 X. The app itself can be used in so many situation such as finding something lost under your bed, walking in the dark with disturbing someone, having a Flashlight available at all times. For students, if you are someone that sits in the back of a lecture unable to get a seat in the front, this app is for you to zoom in to get those notes with the Magnifier. Just a great app which is a must have. Excellent App to have for emergency situations. This app is designed for those over 40 but, honestly the Applications it offers like the Magnifier and Flashlight can be used by anyone at any age.

Magnifier Plus Flashlight App Description

Magnifier Plus Flashlight in One App PLUS Mirror Mode

  • Featured in iTunes throughout the world!
  • Easily see menus and receipts in dark restaurants
  • Use the FLASHLIGHT to find stuff under the seat in your car
  • Use the NEW Freeze Frame feature to inspect your stuff.
  • VANITY MIRROR to check yourself out!
  • MAGNIFIER from 1x to 10x
  • This version includes unobtrusive ads that you can disable through a nominal In App Purchase

★★★★★ Recent Rave Reviews From Around the World ★★★★★

  • Excellent * Very very good * Brilliant * Best (USA)
  • One great app! – This app is amazing and I use it more then my reading glasses! I give it a five out of five and recommend it to everyone! Even those under 40! (USA)
  • Magic – Very helpful app and no bugs found yet (UK)
  • Over forties – Brilliant for my old eyes…!!! (UK)
  • THE BEST – I was looking for flashlight apps and came across this one FREE I couldn’t believe my eyes downloaded right away and works perfect THANK YOU (USA)
  • Five stars – This app is not only for over 40, it’s for everyone. Makes me feel safe when I need light too !!! (USA)
  • Hit of the party – Whenever I show the app everyone loves it and thanks me (USA)
  • Works great and it can be used full screen, just go to settings and select contact lens mode. (USA)
  • Now I don’t have to read the whole menu out loud to my husband when we go out to dinner. I just open this app and hand him my phone. Not that I ever need to use it! Yeah, right. I love it! (USA)
  • I have recommended this app to a number of people. I like the magnifier but use the flashlight most every day. (USA)

The flashlight is used to light up the image when you touch the ‘flashlight’ icon on screen. It is only on when you want it on. With that said, continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.

This app is primarily financed through the use of Apple’s iAd feature. If you like this app and see something of interest in the ad area, please check it out. By doing so, you help us keep our lights on!

Cost: $1.99

Purchase this App – Click Here

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  • JustAlisia

    omg I am so going to get this one everyone know I need it yay no more squinting or searching for my magnifier

  • missylucy321

    Look at every thing in a new way, like inspector gadget.