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How many of you wanted to plan a trip to china but wondered how am i gonna achieve the best experience possible, how can i get food reccomendastions, how would i understand what anyone is speaking, and of course how will i know where im going or which street is which. The answer is simple just learn chinese, but the only problem is that learning chinese will take a while to learn considering it has over 4000 kanji characters each having its own specific meaning. Not only will it take a while to learn but it will also cost hundreds of dollars. Well, the solution to this problem is quite simple, just buy the learn Chinese  mandarin pro app for the android. This app is a great starters guide to learn chinese , it offers phrases, audio recordings, even texts translated from English to Chinese or vice versa. This app is only $4.83. I don’t know why it is such an unusual price but what the hey?  In my opinion its a steal and a must have for any person taking a trip to china or even wanting to learn a secondary language.

learn Chinese Mandarin Pro Features

  • High quality audio recordings by native speakers –
  • No internet connection needed
  • English, Chinese, and Pinyin text –
  • Store frequently used phrases in Favourites –
  • Search by keywords using text and speech –
  • Tips for speaking Chinese – Ad-free!


Cost: $4.83


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Author: Kira666

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