Today we find ourselves juggling multiple classes, students, and resources. The last thing we do well is lesson tracking. Record keeping is often neglected and error prone. Different states and schools have different record keeping requirements. We hope iPlanLessons will help you get organized and help you put your students first.


After months of work we’re delighted with the results. We believe iPlanLessons is a very handy utility, which will help teachers and parents. We plan to use iPlanLessons ourselves and will continue to look for areas of improvement as we school our three children.


The app has a database where lessons are related to resources and classes. Classes are linked to related students. Report definitions are also stored. The database has been customized to help you plan your students’ lessons and track




Some high-level features include but are not limited to:

✔ Lesson Definition ✔ Resource Definition

✔ Class Definition ✔ Student Definition

✔ Report Definition ✔ Instructions Lessons include:

✔ Primary Subject selection

✔ Target Date and Duration

✔ Related Resources

✔ Related Class

✔ Objective Definition

✔ Standards

✔ Journal

✔ Assignments

✔ Priority: High, Medium, and Low

✔ Status: Pending, Partial, and Done

✔ Verification Lesson Search, Filter, Email, and iCal Features:

✔ Lessons can be flagged with a priority flag of High, Medium, and Low

✔ Search is available across lesson names

✔ Filtered searches by priority are available

✔ Lessons can be assigned a pending, partial, and done status to be filtered

✔ Lessons can be selectively pushed to iCal with target date, assignments, and lesson notes.

✔ Lessons can be emailed for record keeping, printing, or sent to students as an assignment.

✔ Filtered views of Lessons are available for each class and resource and further filtered by status (i.e.: Pending, Partial, Done, and Not Done). Reporting Features:

✔ Daily, weekly, and ‘subject by day’ reports can be generated anytime, giving you the flexibility to plan ahead and change the lesson schedule at will.

✔ The ‘By Day’ and ‘By Week’ reports show all lessons or a filtered set of lessons by a selected Class.

✔ The Subject by Day report provides a view of subjects (row) for days of the week (columns). The report can also be filtered by class.

✔ Reports can be emailed for record keeping or printed and provided as a student assignment. Introductory pricing. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or updates and email us directly at support@iHomeEducator.com


cost 6.99


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