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Ebay Price Estimator App?

Here is a great app for anyone looking to sell an item that they no longer need on Ebay. For those that are not familiar with ebay, ebay is a massive online market place. It basically connects sellers (Almost anyone looking to sell) and connects them with buyers. Now, before selling any particular item on Ebay, it is always a good idea to know what that item maybe worth. The ‘Whats it worth on Ebay?” is good solution to that problem. This app will help you determine the going rate of any item that has been sold on Ebay now and in the past. The app does all the work of whatever item you are looking to sell and gives an average price based on past sales. It is a great tool to have around for those looking to free up some space or just looking to make some extra cash. There are 2 version available, paid and free. We do recommend the free version only because it is free, but contains ads. For those looking for an ad free experience of this app, the cost is $2.69

Ebay Price Estimator App Description

What is this worth on eBay? That is a common question before selling your stuff on eBay. The eValuator App determines the average eBay value of an article from the successfully sold items of the last few weeks.
Very useful to find out what you can earn selling something on eBay, or to check if a supposed bargain may be cheaper on eBay. The ideal app for any powerseller, sales agent, ambitious EBayer and for use on flea markets, yard sales and more

Ebay price estimator app Features:

  • FREE version contains ads!
  • Supports,,,,,,,,,,
  • Calculates Median, price range and net profit
  • Prices by day of week (full version only)
  • Price distribution chart(full version only)
  • Search in subcategories
  • Filter by condition (new, used, …)
  • Display of detailed results
  • Auto-complete when typing
  • Adjustable Auto-Filter: Crop items containing certain words (eg, defective)

Cost: Pro Version (Without Ads) $2.69 – Lite Version (With Ads) Free

Click Here to Download Free Version Click Here to Download Paid Version


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