Handbook for iPhone – Tips and Tricks

Handbook for iPhone – Tips and Tricks 

Here is a great app for those of you that are new to Apple Phones or Iphones altogether. The Handbook for Iphone Lite is sure to make you a guru of Iphones after going through all the tips and tricks contained within. A great app to have especially for those new to smart phones and those whom have recently upgraded to an Iphone. Those of you that are familiar  this app is sure to help you become more productive with your Iphone showing all the tips and tricks to get the most out it.

Handbook for iPhone – Tips and Tricks  Description

Now Comes with iOS 6 Tips and Free Download. Take your iPhone knowledge to the next level with this lite handbook. It covers hidden tips and tricks to let you type faster, browse smarter, maximize battery life and more.

“Very informative application. This is the Handbook or manual that Apple should have included with regular applications. It is a tutorial that every iPhone owner’s should read, learned, and practice.”
“This app makes the iPhone easy for us not so tech minded people… Thanks and well done..”
“Learned a lot of new things I could do with this app !! A++++”
“Great app. Highlights a lot of easy to overlook tips!”

  • Over 130 free tips and tricks including the latest iOS version
  • Get the most out of your iPhone battery with battery saving tips
  • Unlike an ordinary iPhone book, this handbook will be updated when any new iOS version is out. The best is you get free update!

Whether you’re new to iPhone or have owned it for a long time, this handbook is specially for you. You’ll learn the everything you need to know about the device and make you more productive.

Handbook for iPhone – Tips and Tricks – Here are some of the tips we cover:

  • Block your caller ID when making a call
  • Use iPhone to remote control YouTube video playback
  • Enlarge the font size in Notes, Mail and Messages app
  • Show the battery life in percentage
  • Dial a phone number with extension
  • Let Safari to remember websites’ password
  • Open an attachment in Mail with your preferred app
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Change email signature
  • Pause an app download
  • Stream video to TV
  • Encrypt iTunes Backup

Don’t miss this lite handbook. You can easily become an iPhone guru.

Cost: Free

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