Free CALLS and TEXT with Viber!!!

Free CALLS and TEXT with Viber!!!

This is one of those rare apps that if you search for it you may get lucky and find it. Designed by Viber Media for the Iphone and google droid phone smart phones comes the Free calls and text app. With this baby you can make all the free calls and send all the free texts you want with no charge whatsoever! It doesn’t get any better then. How many times have you gone over on your minutes or how many would like to reduce their package with a cell phone provider to save some money? We all would. Here is the perfect app to help you do that. This is an absolute must have app for Students. This app will save you hundreds a year in cost savings with free call and text. By the way, the app itself is FREE too! A definite must download app for everyone. The developers are consistantly adding updates so be sure to keep a look out for more functions as time goes on. This app is also ad free. No ads at all. Nothing but win and win. So download this app now and start to make free calls and text !

Free CALLS and TEXT with Viber!!! Description

Lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. More than 140 million Viber users call, text, and send photos worldwide – for free. Make free calls and text.

Is available for the iPhone® and other smartphones. We are constantly introducing new features, platforms and possibilities.

Is completely free with no advertising and we value your privacy.

Translated to:

Arabic, Catalan, German, Spanish, French (France), Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

***WHY VIBER?***

  • Best Sound Quality
  • 100% Free (*)
  • Simple to Use
  • Always On
  • Ad Free
  • Free calls and text

Cost: Free

Click Here to Download for Iphone

Click here to download for Droid Phones

Author: Stuspots

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  • lilianathebestest

    this will be great my mom cut back my text plan so yay text on

  • james

    i have a couple of these type of apps and all of them were really cruddy, but not this one… this app is amazing !!1 there are no ads whatsoever and i can call/text anyone i please without having to pay large sums of bills… oh yeah !!1