FREE Books Classic Books for free on your Iphone

FREE Books Classic Books for free on your Iphone  

Every so often comes an app that is really so good that you really just need to have even if you never use it. Books- 23,469 classics to go by Spreadsong, Inc is that such App for the Apple Iphone. This App offers almost 24,000 classic novels available anywhere, anytime on your phone ready to go. That is correct, almost 24,000 books for free! For those of you whom are avid readers, kindle users, purchase every so often, enjoy the classics, this app is a MUST for you. Students, why bother purchasing books or an e-book when you can get it for free. Just a great app that is sure to be a gem for everyone even if you do not read to often.

Free Books – 23469 Classics to go! – Description

Like reading? Fire up Free Books by Classicly and download as many of our 23,469 classic book as you want, free of charge!

We take 23,469 classic books, package them up, and make them all available to download and read with our fully featured ereader. All with reviews, handcrafted collections, and gorgeous high resolution covers.

Competing apps shout and scream about having ‘millions’ of books. Instead, they give you vampire romance novels and 16th century compendiums of pineapple seeds.

Free Books – 23469 Classics to go! Features:

  • * Free Books. Free Books! The plays of Shakespeare, the letters of leaders, the autobiographies of Franklin and Carnegie, the collected works of geniuses, the philosophy of Seneca and Plato. It’s all here, along with tens of thousands of other books.
  • * Handpicked Collections. English 101, Theology, Romance, Ghost Stories, Banned Books… the list goes on. We have 61 hand picked collections to make finding great books a cinch.
  • * A Perfect Reader. It’s beautiful, fast, and customizable. Curl up with a book in Night Mode, change font sizes with a tap, and turn the page with a simple swipe.
  • * Original Covers. We make public domain books come alive with absolutely beautiful covers.

3,000,000 people have used our Free Books App over 70,000,000 times- don’t miss out! Get this app get access to almost 24,000 Free Books!

Cost: Free

Download this App here

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  • missylucy321

    OMg I am so happy, there is nothing better than curling up with a good book and no flipping pages.

  • missylucy321

    omg i am so happy there is nothing better than curlling up with a good book and now no flipping pages

  • kkcandy

    Hmm , I am going to check this out.