Flashcards and Tests with gFlash+

Flashcards and Tests with gFlash+

Flashcards are only of the most common and popular way to study for anything under the sun. Most students when asked if they have ever used Flashcards to prep for an exam or test in School will reply with a prompt yes. Growing further and further as technology expands, gflash+ is yet another Flashcards app available for study but this app has a couple of tricks that most other flashcard apps do not.

GFlash+ is not your ordinary Flashcard App. What sets this app apart from the other flashcards apps is the content. Like all great Flashcards apps, the user has the flexibility of creating their own flashcards as well as downloading from a friend or colleague but, gflash+ offers content from some of the biggest publishers out there such as; Kaplan, Barrons, McGraw-Hill and so many more. Students that rely on these organizations for test prep can now get flashcard content directly from them. The app has so many other features including multiple choice, performance scoring and so much more it makes a great investment at no cost to you. Unfortunately, all premium content has a cost attached to it, but you will only purchase what you need if you need it! This app comes with a ton of features as well as access to over 50 million 3rd party card set sources from Quizlet and StudyStack. Not bad for free and makes a great addition to students in Junior High School to College!

Flashcards and Tests with gFlash+ Description

Studying on the go has never been this easy! Long recognized as the best free flashcard app on the market, gFlash+ offers users a robust platform for creating, downloading, and manipulating flashcards in every subject under the sun. This latest release is jam-packed with new features including in-app access to premium content from leading educational publishers AND an innovative implementation of “box”-style flashcards.

With even more free features than before, this version of gFlash+ is a must-have study tool for students of all ages.

Flashcards and Tests with gFlash+ Free Features:

  • Fully functional card editor – create and edit your own card sets, right from within the app!
  • No limits on the number of cards or card sets
  • Fast Google Docs integration – create your cards in a Google Spreadsheet and then just download into the app
  • Ability to download from and share card sets with the gWhiz Catalog
  • Support of both Box and Classic Display Configurations
  • Support for multiple choice questions
  • Ability to include zoomable images and audio/video clips
  • 5 star performance scoring – track your improvement!
  • Cached images and sound clips for offline studying and faster display
  • Convenient onscreen controls for sorting and screen layout
  • Multisided cards with up to nine card “sides” easily added thru the Google Docs interface
  • Reverse Q&A
  • HTML support
  • High quality iPad interface
  • Complementary content from select publishers

This new version of gFlash+ also comes with configurable upgrades!

Available in-app purchases:

Premium branded content created by leading educational publishers including Kaplan, Barron’s, McGraw-Hill, Wiley

  • Access to over 50 million 3rd party card set sources from Quizlet and StudyStack
  • Delete, “forget”, and move cards in the deck
  • Autoshuffle (card scrambling) control
  • Create groups of card decks
  • Move decks between groups
  • Combine or split decks
  • Ad removal

Flashcards and Tests with gFlash+ Cost: Free
(Note that there is content available for purchase in App)

Click here to download for Apple Iphone/IPad Click here to download for Android



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