Droid Battery Saver – Your Extended Battery Life Solution

Extended Battery App for Droid – Your Extended Battery Life Solution

How many times has anyone been in a situation where you are using your phone and guess what happens…your phone battery is dying or died. Probably the most necessary app to have for Iphone and Ipad users is the Easy Battery Saver. A great App that actually increases your Battery life on your Droid. Comes with tons of features to make your Phone Battery last. It is the best resource out there considering an extended battery for Droids can be quite pricey.  The price of Free makes the Extended Battery app affordable for everyone. Must have app!

Extended Battery App for Droid

Save power, extend battery life and perfect experience of using phone with Easy Battery Saver!

Easy Battery Saver is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend battery life and optimize using habit.

Easy Battery Saver saves your battery by intelligently dealing with phone’s network connectivity, screen time out and screen brightness. What’s more, the considerable sleep schedule setting will save your battery when you are sleeping.

Easy Battery Saver is easy to use by four preset saving modes and advanced customized mode. Just choose one mode, the battery problems will go away.

  • General Saving Mode: it has the basic network control, screen control and the sleep schedule to meet your normal battery saving needs.
  • Intelligent Saving Mode: it has the eight different controls and runs intelligently to save more battery than general saving mode.
  • Super Power Saving Mode: it can keep your phone’s standby time as long as possible; you won’t have to worry about whether your phone dies at crucial moment due to running out of battery any more.
  • Advanced Customized Mode:  it is the best choice for fanciers; you can set all the values as you like, let your phone running in your way. The more, waiting for you to find!
  • Normal Mode: it will do nothing for your battery.

Also, tutorials in Easy Battery Saver will tell you how to deal with multi tasking and how to charge your battery healthily.

No matter what the situation, no matter who you are, Easy Battery Saver can always find a suitable solution for you.

Just have a try of extended battery app, you’ll find it really a good assistant! It is free!

Extended Battery App for Droid HIGHLIGHTS:


  • Extended Battery App has Optional modes that is easy to choose
  • Extended Battery App offers Visualized battery status on main page


  • Extended Battery App Save more than 50% battery
  • Extended Battery AppExtend the battery working life


  • Extended Battery AppBattery consumption list of real-time running items
  • Extended Battery App is Simple, interactive and helpful tutorial
  • Extended Battery App offers Notice of how to use battery better

Cost: Free

Download this App Here



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