Scrabble for the Droid – Words With Friends

Ever played scrabble, well this droid app is very similar to Scrabble except the fact that you can play it online, play with multiple random people, friends, and family. Have points added to your score. Words with friends is so unique that it can connect you to your face book  friends or twitter followers. So have some fun, keep in touch with your friends, learn new vocab and much more. Other attributes asides from having fun is if you are preparing for the SAT’s, why not wow everyone and use all those difficult words no one ever uses in the English Language! Download this app now. Highly addictive!


Words W/ Friends Features

  • Simple and familiar crossword gameplay you know and love
  • Turn-based design lets you play up to 20 games simultaneously
  • Play with your friends or match-make instantly with a random opponent
  • Stay in touch with friends and family with in-game chat messaging
  • Notifications tell you when it’s your turn


Cost: FREE


Click Here To Download

Author: Kira666

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  • JustAlisia

    scared to try I can not spell more than half the words I use honestly ,lol sad but true.