Paper Bag Players Hiccup Help – Class Trips – Annapolis

A one-hour show for Grades K – 3

Tickets: $9.00 each (NYC $8.00)

LOCATION: Maryland Hall for the Arts

801 Chase Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

One ticket free, for every 20 tickets purchased

What’s more exciting than a Birthday Party? And you’re invited!

Go exploring with Kevin on a jungle safari, help Kathy cure an extraordinary case of the hiccups in a most unusual way, and learn how to protect the Earth in a lyrical dance. Ted creates a picture so real it comes to life and in the thrilling finale you’ll help Kaitlin find her lost puppy. An hour of original theater that children will want to be a part of and will always remember!

Children see their sense of humor, poetry mischief, and imagination reflected on the stage. Stories about new and old friends, parents and grandparents, teachers and schoolwork engage the audience. Children participate by thinking and making decisions as well as singing and dancing along.

Every teacher attending HICCUP HELP will receive a Study Guide with ideas for discussions, photos, and craft projects. It will prepare your students for a great visit to the show and provide ideas to connect the visit to your curriculum. The Paper Bag Players shows support the New York State and National Standards for The Arts and English

Paper Bag Player Workshops

Be a Paper Bag Player For a Day!

“The Art and Fun of The Paper Bag Players”

The Paper Bag Players offer Workshops in “The Art and Fun of The Paper Bag Players” at your school or facility and at our Lower East Side Manhattan Studio, 185 East Broadway.

Designed for groups of 12-25 children from Schools, Youth Centers, and Camps, the 60-90 minute workshop is tailored to the specific age of the participants. The goal of each Workshop is to have each participant experience The Paper Bag Players approach to theater—essentially, all participants become Paper Bag Players!

The Workshop is designed around a child friendly theme, such as a Birthday Party, Parade, or a Snowy Day, with an added Paper Bag Players spin! Participants start with a plain piece of craft paper, and then use that paper in theatre games and in the creation of props and costumes–learning how to tell a story theatrically. Finally, they get to put all their work together and perform their own mini Paper Bag Player performance, complete with movement, music, scenery, and props.

The Workshop ensures that each child participates in the creation of a performance, as well as the final product, regardless of their theatrical background or knowledge. We hope that this Workshop teaches participants how to make theater out of what is all around them, with the help of their own ideas, creativity, and a little bit of paper (just like The Paper Bag Players do!).

The Workshops were created by Artistic Director, Ted Brackett, and are run by Workshop Leaders who have worked with The Paper Bag Players over the years.

The cost of a Workshop is dependent on the number of participants. For more details, or to book a date and time, call 212-353-2332, or 800-777-2247. Upon your reservation for the Workshop, we will send you a DVD of a recent Paper Bag Player show in order to show you our approach to theater and some examples of the type of shows we perform.


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