Email your Texts SMS

Email your Texts SMS

Ever been in a situation where you are looking for a particular text that was sent or received but was accidentally deleted by your self or by your phone? Would you like an easier way of backing up your texts rather then individually copy pasting each one? Here is a great App solution that should solve that problem. Email your Text is a great app allows you to take one text or many and e-mail them to any e-mail address you want to send to. Not only can you e-mail your texts but the user also has the freedom of uploading their texts messages to services like; Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive. For the cost of $4.90, the app practically pays for itself with messages a couple of times. Cell phone providers normally charge $30 or more to provide you a list of texts. Email your texts is a great not only to keep a record of your texts but also save money rather then requesting them from your cell phone provider.

Email Your Texts Description:

EMAIL and PRINT / SAVE all your text SMS messages or a thread of messages.

UPLOAD your text SMS messages to EVERNOTE, DROPBOX, Google DRIVE, Google KEEP and other services.

SAVE MONEY – Some cell phone carriers charge $30 or more to provide a print out of your texts. Download this app and save yourself a lot of money and a lot of hassle.

The email or uploaded file will have the person’s name, phone number, dates, times and messages.
Email your Texts app will load all your SMS text messages or a specific thread into an email (or file to be uploaded). You can then choose to send this email to yourself or someone else. It is very simple to use and the email ( or upload ) of your texts can then be printed or saved.

Using Email your Texts app is a great way to save off texts or create a copy in case you need them for quick notes taken during class or a list of items that need to be picked up. After they are emailed to youself your texts can be printed out.  Email your Texts has many applications to it and can be a great utility tool to anyones arsenal of apps on their droid.

Email your texts does not support Multi-Media Messaging ( known as MMS ) example : picture messages. Some text messaging apps convert long SMS into MMS. So please do not complain that all your MMS messages are not showing up.

If there are issues or problems with Email your texts app, please feel free to contact

Email your Texts features:

  • Email & Print your Texts Messages
  • Creating a hard copy of your texts
  • Work Related Threads
  • Save a copy of conversation with anyone
  • Forward the email
  • Email and Print your Conversation
  • Send your texts
  • Backup your texts
  • Print your SMS
  • Backup my texts
  • Email Texts
  • Backup SMS
  • Backup to Gmail
  • Upload and Save Texts to Dropbox ( requires FREE Dropbox App )
  • Save your texts / SMS to Evernote ( requires FREE Evernote App )
  • Upload and Save Texts to Google Drive ( requires FREE Google Drive App )

Email your Texts is Perfect for :

  • Creating Lists
  • Quick Notes received and Sent
  • Quick Reminders
  • A back up of SMS Texts

Email your Texts Notes

Email your Texts app does NOT delete or modify any of your text messages.

Cost: $4.90

Click Here to Purchase this App

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  • john

    this app is really awesome, especially when you wanna save money on texts.. it saved me tons of money considering the amount i text