Password Protect Lite – Your Password Protection Buddy for Iphone

Here is a wonderful App that is pretty much useful to just about anyone and everyone. Does not matter if you are a Teacher, Student, Parent, everyone is on the web today and the way technology is advancing further, Online is the way most us handle all of information. Of course, every organization recommends to have complex passwords and always to keep them different for each site you log into. Here is a great solution for anyone to keep your passwords safe right on your Iphone and access them at anytime. Dubbed as an app that is un hackable, Password wallet basically saves your password to everything you log into such as Bank accounts, Social networking accounts, even I tunes  For the price of Free. It is worth a try. Only downside to the Password Protection is App is that it only stores upto 5 items. 

Password Protection App for Iphone

Description for Password Protect

The BEST AND MOST ADVANCED PASSWORD-PROTECTING APP in the App Store today. Has ALL THE FEATURES you could want and more. You’ll never want to use another password app after using it!

PROTECT YOUR IMPORTANT INFORMATION: PASSWORDS, BANK ACCOUNT, CREDIT CARD, APPLE ID and anything valuable. Password Wallet uses most advanced technology to protect the data firmly. There’s no way to hack into it.

Password Wallet can automatically log into websites with a single tap. There’s no need to remember the username, password, website address any more. It also provides lots of popular website templates. You can get started as fast as possible, without inputing the long URLs.


  • Protect your information safely. No hacking! No backdoors! No one can access the data without passcode.
  • Securely store website login information: url address, username, passwords
  • One touch to log into websites, automatically filling username and passwords
  • A lot of website templates, including all popular websites
  • Save important information such like credit card, bank account, passport, driver’s license and etc.
  • Store secret notes
  • Backup database to computer to keep it safely. You could restore all your information even if your iPhone was stolen.
  • Lite version can store 5 items at most.

Cost: FREE

Download Password Protect Lite Here




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