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Introducing iSpeak 2, bringing full support for iOS 4, multitasking, iPad, and much more! Try out for yourself why the iSpeak line of translators has been the best selling translation solution on the App Store. *

iSpeak has been redesigned from the ground up to work natively with the iPad, as well as a new interface for the iPhone. iSpeak is a universal app, which means we don’t charge you for twice for your other devices like other software developers. You buy it once and it works everywhere.

All this on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, for an unbelievable price!

Future Apps proudly presents their latest iSpeak line of applications, designed at taking mobile translators to a new level of capability and quality. Our iSpeak Apps are not merely a simple text translator, but use the highest quality text to speech synthesis available anywhere in order to speak the translated phrase back to you in the target language. The text to speech engine is so powerful, it reproduces speech which is clear, and has a perfect accent in the target language. You will not be able to tell the speech is synthesized at all!

iSpeak – Spanish translates from English to Spanish as well as Spanish to English using Google’s advanced translation service. A high quality English and Spanish voice are included within the app itself, so text to speech is done quickly with full quality and no compression.

iSpeak was built with the design goals that have made our other Apps so successful and easy to use. Simply enter the text you want to translate, press the translate button, and the press the “Speak it” button to hear your translation. Its that easy! With another press of a button you can easily save as many translations as you would like on your iPhone, or email the translation to yourself or anyone else! iSpeak takes advantage of all the latest features of iOS including cut and paste so you can import articles and documents to translate, multitasking enabling you to listen to a translated phrase while working with other apps, and much more!

iSpeak is the perfect travel companion and language learning tool!


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-Translates from English to Spanish, as well as Spanish to English

-Speaks translated text with the highest possible quality text to speech engine available in a mobile device -Save as many translations on your iPhone as you would like, or email them

-Change the volume as well as speed of spoken text

-Cut paste documents, articles, and emails into iSpeak to translate and have them read back

-NEW Full iPad support


Cost 1.99


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