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Mineralogy & Mining Education

The Sterling Hill Mining Museum is dedicated to educating teachers and their students about natural resource issues, with particular reference to the State of New Jersey.

Our education programs explore such topics as the geology and mineralogy of New Jersey, our nonrenewable resources (metals, nonmetals, and fuels), how those resources have been extracted and used over time, and, in a global sense, how our present lives are shaped by the materials available to us. We work within the broad fields of the STEM core subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), which we often explore not only in their current but also historical contexts.

All of our educational offerings are aligned with New Jersey core curriculum standards and are designed to be implemented by teachers within the context of their existing school curriculum.

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Our Education Programs: An Overview

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Educational Field Trips & Programs

The Sterling Hill Mining Museum is now in its 15th year of providing inservice programs for teachers of grades 3 – 12. Our educational opportunities include both on-site and off-site teacher workshops, classroom visitations, videoconferences, and educational field trips on topics in science, history, technology, math, and social studies. We provide a full range of on-site opportunities for teachers who wish to bring their classes to us.  In addition, we offer on-site seminars and field training for college and university students, summer institutes with geologists in specialized fields, and cooperative educational events with other organizations.

Museum and Mineralogy Experts

The education director at Sterling Hill, Dr. Earl R. Verbeek, is a research geologist who oversees and implements the museum’s program of geoscience content instruction. Educators on our staff have career experience in geology, mineralogy, hydrology, paleontology, stratigraphy, environmental geology, land-use planning,
resource extraction and land remediation, and historical preservation.

Educational Facilities

Educational field trips and functions at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum take place not in a classroom, but in the buildings and on the grounds of a well-preserved industrial complex and unique geological site.  The entire site is a dynamic interactive classroom that is utilized not only by science teachers, but also by numerous colleges and universities that bring their students to this world-famous locality for direct field experiences unobtainable elsewhere.

How to Participate in Field Trips & Programs

For more information on our education offerings, see the relevant sections of this website: On-site WorkshopsOff-site Contract TrainingClassroom VisitsField Trips, and College-level Instruction.


To request additional information or to discuss customization of our offerings to better suit your needs, contact Dr. Earl Verbeek at or by phone at 973-209-7212.

To sign up for a scheduled event, or to receive e-mail notices of upcoming events, contact Jason Winkler at


Additional Information

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Overview of the Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Mineral Collecting


Fossil Discovery Center

Rock Discovery Center

Ellis Astronomical Observatory


Admisson and Location Hours

Tour Costs

Group Rates as of 2014:

$9.00 for Adults

$8.00 for Seniors age 65 and up

$7.00 for K-12 students (children under 17 years of age).

Spring, Summer & Fall Schedule

April – November:  Public tours every day at 1:00 PM (Open 7 days a week).

Note: On weekends and holidays (Independence Day, Labor Day), until September 3, 2012, the museum will be offering an additional public tour at 11:00 AM.  For the 11:00 AM tour please plan to arrive by 10:30.  Our weekday schedule will remain the same, with one public tour at 1:00 PM.

The Rock Discovery Center is open Saturdays & Sundays at 11:30 AM ONLY.

This is a $4.00 per person add-on option to the Mine Tour.

Winter Schedule

December – March:  Public tours on Saturday & Sunday only.

In case of inclement weather it is best to call ahead (973-209-7212) to confirm that we are open.  For details on our current schedule click here


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